Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet Father/Daughter Session {Colleyville Chidrens Photographers}

Aah, such a sweet father and his little girl. You can just feel the love and closeness they have for each other. I have known this Colleyville Dad about 6 years now and Mom and Dad have brought little Miss K to be photographed since she was a wee little baby. As, love, love the red hair! And she has such a spunky little personality. And so well mannered, I know her parents are proud!

I love how cute she looks in my "Jose Eber" hat (that's what I always call it anyway) and the one with them snuggled up is too heartwarming. Love it!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My "fame" moment {DFW Photographers}

This past Saturday was the 1 year anniversary of my husband's passing. I had planned a balloon release and scattering a few of his ashes to commemorate the occasion with our granddaughter. My good friend Amber Augustin (Extreme Home Makeover Family) was approached by the producers of that show about their new upcoming show (don't know if I can name it so I won't). Anyway, they asked her if she knew of anyone who had lost a loved one in the last year so she gave them my name and told them this weekend was the one year. They were in town filming a few different people for possible storylines and they picked me for one. It was an interesting, but difficult/emotional experience. They really know how to get you to let it all out!

Anyway, the ceremony at the park with Gigi was beautiful and very touching. Amber graciously donated her time to photograph it/us and we even managed to ignore the filming of it. I'm sure bystanders in the park were wondering why this family was having this big production! I will keep you updated if I get on the show...not really sure if I want to do it or not. It's going to be an uplifting, inspirational show so I definitely will be watching it however my moment of "fame" works out.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

How do you know when a session is over? {Southlake Photography}

Southlake photographers casual family portrait session

This Keller Children's and family photographer never knows what to expect during photo sessions, especially location portrait sessions, and this picture says it all!
At this particular Southlake photography session, we showed little Mr. G the water and he wasn't doing anything else after that point! Dad spun the kids in the air (and thru the fountain)....Mom was not too happy with how wet they got because we were so not finished with taking pictures! The kids had a blast and we all had a good laugh. And mom not to worry...we got some great portraits before the children got soaked! Enjoy this sneak peek of what was a fun and fabulous family photo session in Keller.

A special session with a special family {Grapevine Family Photographers}

I photographed this Grapevine family over the Memorial Day weekend at a beautiful spot in Grapevine, and was so very happy to see them again. This is the family that lost their son to SIDS and host the Holton's Drive for SIDS to raise money for research in his honor. They have an older son but after Holton's passing were blessed with another son. This was his final baby session and he has grown so much since I last photographed him. They are the sweetest family who have always exhibited grace through their trials. I told Mom she inspired me with how she handled her loss and when I lost my husband it really resonated with me. One of her friends commented on the photographs that Mom had lost the sad look in her eyes...I agree and am so happy to see all of them doing so well and feeling joy again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day {Mother's Day}

Hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Mother's Day. My family spent the day at my sister's as usual, and our wonderful sons cooked lunch for me, sis, my mother and daughter in law and assorted menfolk. I don't know who my son learned to cook from 'cause it sure wasn't me...but he and his cousin did a great job! Saturday, May 9th would have been my late husband's 55th birthday so Gigi (our granddaughter) and I decided Pops still needed a birthday cake. I decided to do cupcakes instead, not realizing my muffin tin had gone missing. So, they came out a bit wobbly to put it mildly...I wanted to show them to you in all their misshapen glory and to prove my point that a cook I am not! Oh well, at least my chocolate covered strawberries came out good!

We did a few pics in the backyard and here is one of my beautiful daughter in law with my little Gigi (who's getting a brother this fall!). She has learned to "cheese" it up (thanks Aunt Jen for that one!) but 2.5 is such a cute age and I know her Pops is smiling down on her and how much she's grown these last 11 months.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning / Digital Negative Sale

Okay, time to make room in my I'm having a sale....thru May 20th (they'll be gone after that time, I promise!)....for sale all the digital negs (all the images you were shown in your gallery)...ready to be archived for your family heirlooms or sized at 5x7 and ready to print. If you wanted more pictures from your session but just couldn't afford everything (and who can...?) this is a great opportunity to get it all.

To get all the info you'll need (cost, how to take care of your cd of images, where to print, etc) simply email me at and I'll get back to you asap! I have edited out in the past so I can't guarantee every session in the last 8 years is still available but I will definitely check and see!

I will tell you this much...they are dirt cheap! The sale applies to all sessions done through 2008.

Cougar Crush for Cathy! {Fort Worth}

Okay, I admit it...I have a major "Cougar Crush" on Alex Ruiz, the lead singer for Del Castillo. A friend of mine introduced me to their music the week before they appeared at Main Street Arts Festival. He took me to the festival and knew someone who knew the band and I got to go backstage and meet them. I bought every cd they had and a couple of tee shirts! I believe in supporting the artists whose work you enjoy (okay it didn't hurt that they are all gorgeous and I wanted to meet them!). Alex even autographed my tee with #1 Angel...aah. I had to wipe the drool off my mouth when they were playing. My favorite song of their's is a beautiful ballad called "Castles"...there's a video on youtube but the quality is not great so check it out on Amazon for better quality. They are friends with Robert Rodriquez, the hot director/producer in Austin and Hollywood so their new video should be amazing. When its ready I'll post it here, I seem to be really into music lately. So here I am with my new favorite singer Alex....:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little bit of family here {Colleyville Baby Photographers}

Okay, my cousin's daughter's baby and big sister from Colleyville...not sure what that makes me to them but heck, hey're family so all's good! And the mom finds me funny so of course that makes her extra special to me...anybody that gets my sense of humor deserves free pictures or something! Her son is the cutest little chunk o' monk. I seriously don't know how she carries him...he's a hefty little guy. It's so funny how in the human and animal world the males are always so much bigger! His big sister is a bit on the dainty side...he'll probably be bigger than her in just a few years so she better get her bluff in on him now! Well, he was quite modest for his "naked baby" pictures...he's got the cutest little bum around so we got a few more in before he gets too old for me to be photographing his little hiney.

A Pair of Princesses {Southlake Childrens Photographers}

Here are some from a recent session of one of my Arlington families. It had been a few years since I last photographed! I couldn't believe how they'd grown. The time just flies and kids just grow like weeds! They were so cute and fun to work with...I think they had a good time being silly with me for the Southlake photography session, I know I did. They were a breath of fresh air during spring break in Fort Worth!

Meet the cousins {Keller Childrens Photographers}

Two cute sisters, a handsome young man and an adorable was an awesome Keller photography session. The baby smiled for every shot which makes my job so easy, she was adorable! These sisters worked well along great and seemed to really enjoy their "model" time. This young man started off a bit shy but his family and I kept working on him; actually the family kept cracking him up so I got some good smiles...what can I say? Us girls just love being photographed and some guys...not so much. I love family photography and really enjoy learning what makes each family member comfortable so that they look relaxed and confident in their pictures. I think you'll agree that these are some great portraits!

A Recent Wedding {Keller Wedding Photographer}

I haven't done too many weddings the last few years but agreed to do this one for a good friend of the family. I got to work with a friend who is also a photographer and great pack mule (he carted all the equipment around and shot the video) and my former assistant Sandy. I love working with her, she just reads my mind. I am going to start doing weddings again starting this summer so it was good to get my feet wet. So, without further Kristi and Shawn! Their wedding was shot at a great location out by the Texas Motor Speedway and we got so lucky and had a nice, sunny and warm day (it was early March!). They were blessed on their special day by Mother Nature. And here's hoping they are blessed in their new life together!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover - The Viewing!

Well, I said I'd post when it was airing and I'm late in getting that info on here...its going to air on Sunday evening at 7pm Central on ABC on March 1st. The Augustin family as you know from my earlier posts, are long time friends and Amber and I work on some photo shoots together...we make a great team if I say so myself! I can't wait to see it...I was there for the last two days of shooting so look for me in the crowd...I'm sure I'll be teeny tiny in the big group shot and will most likely look frozen when they did the "move that bus" part of the filming. I have seen the house but can't say anything until after the episode airs...but its awesome! Don't miss it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Remember Your Smile {DFW Family Photographers}

I am still working on my new site but wanted to give a sneak peek at what it's all about. The name I Remember Your Smile is because that is how I best remember my husband...his big smile and the laugh that went with it. So I thought it appropriate to name it in honor of him...the site/blog will have memorial/remembrance photo jewelry and ornaments and the very popular stamped metal jewelry...some will be mass produced and others will be one of a kind. I am still in the R&D phase but its been a fun project to work on. I will also be offering photography services to create cd slideshows from and photo notecards. So, without further are some of the items I will be offering.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun...and chocolate! {DFW childrens photographers}

I know you've been missing seeing her cute little face - admit it! So here is Gigi on Saturday. My brother was doing a video about love for his church and gave me a "shot list" he needed for the video. That was quite fun actually, having a list to work off of. Kind of like the shot list for a wedding I guess. Anyway, Gigi was to be "I love chocolate" and here she is. It was cool on Saturday so the candy bar wouldn't melt so we had to zap it a few seconds in the microwave. She thought her aunt was crazy when she was smearing all that goo on her face. But since she got to eat the candy she agreed to "work for chocolate"...she won't always be that cheap I'm sure.

My brother is using the picture of Gigi and her Pops walking off into the distance to demonstrate the point about telling people you love them NOW instead of waiting until they are gone. That was a bittersweet moment for me but so true. We had taken those photos about 3 weeks before my husband got sick and died so they are especially precious to me.