Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beauty and the Beach {Fort Worth baby photography}

Fort Worth Texas baby photography picture of babies in swimsuits on beach
I just thought that was funny for a photography blog title. I swear, I crack me up! ; -)

This is a picture of my little stinker Gigi and her cousin "K"...we were just playing the other day and I was selling this backdrop so wanted to use it one last time. I change out props and backgrounds often to keep my portraits creative and fresh.
Gigi did not like how the sand felt on her body at all, but don't you love her purple swimsuit? K was quite happy doing anything with the sand, mostly eating it. I bet her diaper had sand in it later! Wish we had all been at a real beach but for now, this will do!

A few more from last weekend's session {Keller family photographers}

family pictures examples poses on location in Keller Texas
best Keller Texas childrens pictures examples poses portraits on location

Okay, my fingers are rested up so am finishing my part 2 post from last weekend's portrait session.

Love this picture of the 3 sisters, the baby was soooo cute! This is an adorable age.Her two older sisters were the cutest little blondes as well. Mom had some gorgeous dresses from Easter that they wore for their photo session....loved them! Girls are so much fun to dress up and I remember my childhood, my mom dressed my sister and I alike too.

Next up is little Miss P, she's a "frequent flyer" with me! We do her and her brother's portraits at least 4 times a year - Mom said as her family photographer I am like her drug dealer...her drug of choice being portraits! We do a lot of this family's pictures on location at their beautiful Keller home and I do admit to feeling like a member of the family, I've been to the kids' birthday parties etc. As most of you know, I simply adore black and white photos so while I have this particular image in color, I really like how it looks in black and white.