Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little bit of family here {Colleyville Baby Photographers}

Okay, my cousin's daughter's baby and big sister from Colleyville...not sure what that makes me to them but heck, hey're family so all's good! And the mom finds me funny so of course that makes her extra special to me...anybody that gets my sense of humor deserves free pictures or something! Her son is the cutest little chunk o' monk. I seriously don't know how she carries him...he's a hefty little guy. It's so funny how in the human and animal world the males are always so much bigger! His big sister is a bit on the dainty side...he'll probably be bigger than her in just a few years so she better get her bluff in on him now! Well, he was quite modest for his "naked baby" pictures...he's got the cutest little bum around so we got a few more in before he gets too old for me to be photographing his little hiney.

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