Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What to Wear at your Photo Session - Newborns {Keller Baby Photographers}

Keller baby photographers picture of newborn baby held by mother on black background
baby photography of Keller Texas newborn in studio on black background
For newborn sessions, two key wardrobe questions significantly affect your resulting images. First, what will the baby wear? And second, what will we wear? That’s right, mom and dad . . . you’ll be in some of the photos as well, even if just as a “backdrop” to the star of the show.

Newborns are absolute perfection when they wear nothing at all! For variety and some fun pops of color, I also like to use the swaddling blankets you have at home--that also gives the baby pictures a personal touch.

There are few things as stunning as skin-on-skin shots of a newborn and the proud parents. Dad can be shirtless for some shots, as can Mom, or she could wear a strapless bra or tank top. Images for this type of shot are generally closely cropped. Also, long-sleeved black shirts for Mom and Dad provide a sophisticated, dramatic “backdrop.”

Monday, February 8, 2010

Babies - The Documentary {Keller Baby Photographer}

Southlake Texas baby pictures in home examples with natural light

Babies' Documentary

One of my blog readers passed this along and I viewed it...adorable! I think its coming out this spring so this "grandma" will have to check it out for sure. I love how the directors were quoted as saying "You can't direct babies!"...too true and why I love photographing them so much. You never know what they'll do but it will always bring a smile to your face!

The photo above is one of my baby portraits from the family lifestyle session talked about in the previous post, used as an illustration for this post.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lifestyle Photography {Southlake childrens photographers}

Southlake family portrait in a lifestyle photography on location in home setting
Southlake photographers portrait of a relaxed loving family in their home

A wonderful way for Fort Worth area families to preserve childhood memories is to schedule a lifestyle portrait photography session. I travel to your home for this particular photo session and we'll use indoor, natural light photography, photographing your family in both casual and lightly posed picture styles. Kids jumping on the bed, your daughter playing with her dolls, mom and dad reading them a story... beautiful, elegant, naturally creative pictures are some of the best ways to keep those memories forever!

Cathy Zaragoza Photography also offers a "day in the life" photo sessions. This type of photography offering consists of several hours spent with your family capturing in portraits in a variety of your family's indoor and outdoor activities.
Our Dallas and Fort Worth photography studio includes a beautiful hardbound coffee table photo book to remember the day when you opt for this particular photography session. Our photographers typically serve Southlake, Keller, Colleyville, Grapevine, Trophy Club etc areas, although it should be noted that we do travel and or meet with clients at locations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth for fun and friendly photography sessions. Email or call us for more detailed information about all our portrait sessions.

The Keller family whose images are posted here, scheduled their lifestyle photography session during the latter part of winter which was great, the weather didn't even matter because it was an in home photo shoot...we captured some beautiful moments and memories.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bella Ballerinas {Dallas / Fort Worth Photography}

Southlake Childrens Photographers baby or toddler ballerinas photo
I'm showing this recent portrait of my beautiful little Miss G and her cousin K. We were seriously overdue for some photos and as they both just finished their ballet classes I wanted to take their pictures in their tutus. I just know these photos will be special to them throughout their lives. Aren't they beautiful?

Miss G is not doing ballet next year to devote more time to tumbling so this was her last performance. I just think little girls are so adorable with their little toddler bellies and ballerina slippers lol. Grandma, being the sentimental, gushy person I am, has kept the ballet slippers. I guess that's why I became a photographer, I love to keep those memories! Either that or Clean House is going to come calling in a few years and make me get rid of some of these "memories!"

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Allie Farris Trio {Fort Worth Headshot Photography}

picture of allie ferris trio fort worth texas band photography examples

I am so behind on getting my sessions edited and blog postings done so I apologize to Allie and the guys! This is a wonderful trio from Denton that I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing perform last September when they were the opening act for Del Castillo in Grapevine. I was very excited to get to photograph them and we finally got to do that in January. Allie is just a gorgeous girl and the guys were so sweet (and talented!). I took my second shooter Robert along with me and it was so much fun...I love when I get the opportunity to photograph musicians, a nice change of pace for me. I am almost finished with your session guys so here's a little sneak peek in the meantime.

Look Out World! {Southlake Child Photography}

We lucked out last week and got this Southlake photography session in right before the cold weather came back. It was a lovely day in Southlake and the child I had the pleasure of photographing this day was a busy little 2 year old who was the cutest little guy I've seen in a while! I could have eaten him up with a spoon. He was a very busy little man, I should have brought my faster lens...I have quite a few pictures that were a blur from his running lol. It was a good workout for me I know! Grandma, your gallery just went up but here's a few I just had to make into a storyboard because they were so precious as he discovered the dandelions.

I consider myself blessed to have families like this one, who trust me to capture timeless and precious moments such as these in pictures. Grandparents have often commented that they'd give a lot to go back in time and save these memories in pictures of their own children and that's why they're determined not to let these memories of their grandchildren go by without documenting them in sweet pictures.