Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day {Mother's Day}

Hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Mother's Day. My family spent the day at my sister's as usual, and our wonderful sons cooked lunch for me, sis, my mother and daughter in law and assorted menfolk. I don't know who my son learned to cook from 'cause it sure wasn't me...but he and his cousin did a great job! Saturday, May 9th would have been my late husband's 55th birthday so Gigi (our granddaughter) and I decided Pops still needed a birthday cake. I decided to do cupcakes instead, not realizing my muffin tin had gone missing. So, they came out a bit wobbly to put it mildly...I wanted to show them to you in all their misshapen glory and to prove my point that a cook I am not! Oh well, at least my chocolate covered strawberries came out good!

We did a few pics in the backyard and here is one of my beautiful daughter in law with my little Gigi (who's getting a brother this fall!). She has learned to "cheese" it up (thanks Aunt Jen for that one!) but 2.5 is such a cute age and I know her Pops is smiling down on her and how much she's grown these last 11 months.

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