Friday, February 29, 2008

Wee Blessings

This family is the daughter of a dear friend of ours. If it wasn't for him, my studio would still be half done. He knows how to do everything (including lighting a fire under my husband he he) he of course gets a lifetime of photography services from me as a big Thank You! Ok, enough about that....J, the mom here, we just love...she has the bubbliest personality and is just a joy to be around. So I couldn't wait to meet her new family and her baby son is just precious. Love his chubby little cheeks and beautiful eyes. Mom and Dad couldn't be more in love with him. Ok, having said all that...I ended up using the hands shot - trust me on the chubby cheeks/eyes thing!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aunt Bunny's Baby

We kiddingly call my grandbaby's aunt, Aunt Bunny - we were picking out our aunt and grandma's names while waiting for her to be born. So this is Gigi's little cousin "K"...she's a doll! At first she was her daddy made over but now at 6 months more of her mommy is showing up. It's funny how they can change like that isn't it? I love the little sailor suit Mom dressed her in...I have at least 10 in my costume closet so I must remember to use them! And I've used my wicker chaise lounge a lot lately, it's great for those babies that aren't sitting up really well yet.

A blend for baby

I have already posted about this little guy but I worked up a blend for mom and she loved it...also did a blend for the birth announcements. I think this turned out really well and wanted to show it off. Blends don't work on everything (busy backgrounds for example) but when they do, they do!

A Vintage Feel

I photographed this little 1 year old last weekend - I had alot of the 2 and under crowd last week! He had such a "little man" look to him, and such cute, shy smiles that I decided to put Teddy the bear in for a few shots and this image just seemed right for a vintage treatment. I think it works. I love tweaking and playing with the images (when I have time!).

A Thoughtful Moment

I'm a bit behind on last week's posting so here come quite a few. This little girl "J" is such a petite little doll. She's 2 and right at 20 lbs, so dainty. She is the definite apple of mommy and daddy's eyes. I got several smiles from her even though she was feeling a little shy that day. But of course, you know me...I love bw and the serious shots! So that's what I'm posting!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Gerber Baby

Oh, this one is a doll! I adore 6 month olds anyway, they are just so cuddly and squeezable and their personalities are starting to come out...ummm! This is "E" who's on my bebe plan and I haven't seen her since her first session when she was a newborn. She was born with a headful of hair and still has it! She was the perfect baby today....we did several outfit changes, she had a full 45 minute session and never got cross, cranky, or upset. She smiled at me quite a few times so I feel sure editing out any will be a challenge for me! This shot is done with a white feather boa mom brought and she loved it...loved putting it in her mouth and making herself giggle. I think in this one she is showing her "diva" side...look at that saucy smile!

I Dream of Jeannie (sort of...)

I did headshots this past weekend for "Y" and her overall appearance kept reminding me of Heidi Klum (a good thing) and we kept laughing about that. But as I was editing I realize she really reminds me a lot of Barbara Eden who played on I Dream of Jeannie. I may be showing my age now...anyway, both actresses are gorgeous so being compared to either of them is a compliment! Headshots are always fun to do and Y was very animated and knew how to pose since she does have the acting background. That makes it easier to get great shots when the subject knows how to "work" the camera (which is why I'm on the other side...I do not!).

Monday, February 18, 2008

Baby Blessings

I got to photograph this beautiful little guy yesterday and I was so very happy to do so. This is a wonderful family who lost their baby boy last year to SIDS. Baby N here was an unexpected but oh so welcome blessing to their family. He has a beautiful older brother who's now 3 and we got some great images of him kissing his new brother. It's photography sessions like this that make it all so enriching being a photographer and being able to share a small part in families lives. I kept 99% of their images in color which the family love, but had to convert this one to bw!

Shabby Chic Limited Edition

As promised, here are the Shabby Chic images from this weekend's sessions. I had a blast! My customer's home was the absolute perfect backdrop for this - a beautiful 100 year old Victorian home. I'm posting just a sampling, there are tons more but these are some of my favorites. The little red head in the pink outfit by the bench....that one reminds me so much of the 1930's illustrator Bessie Pease Gutman (I've always loved her work). I can see I'm going to have to add many of these to my website.

The two brothers were adorable (as is their sister who I photographed last week), they started the day off on a fun note. I was lucky and had two adorable babies and I just love babies! Lots of sisters between the different families and we finished off the day with a cute 2 year old boy (I kept "stealing" his lollipop and that got some great smiles!).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Waiting for baby

I love this shot, so moody and sweet as the family awaits their new little one. Big sister is ready and did a great job talking to the tummy and loving on it. So sweet. Not too much longer till their little surprise gets here!

We are family (sing along now...)

I photographed a family of 8 multi-generational family members this past weekend and it went so smooth I almost couldn't believe it! This is one of my great, long-time customers...I've been photographing them since their third child was just 6 months old...they now have 5 kids! Mom and Dad are the perfect parents for a large family...very easygoing, things just roll off their backs...they have my admiration for sure! I told them they looked like the Osmond family when they were posing for their family portrait but mom assured me they didn't sound like them!

I have to tell a funny story on their youngest...she's got a little red in her hair and I think it showed up during the session. She wanted down - now! - and head butted her oldest sister to make her point. Mom said that's her new thing to do lately...I think she may have a career in wrestling. She's got the moves down already! Here's one of her in a happier moment...she was making some faces and they were so cute I didn't edit any of them out!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A little tow headed boy

He has earned the title Mr. Tow Head. He has the blondest hair I've ever photographed and was wearing it all spiky for his session...too cute! We did a little of this and a little of that...not sure he was that "in to" the vintage look but I made lizard faces at him and that cracked him up! He may have nightmares after seeing me do the "lizard" ha ha! 3.5 year old boys, gotta love 'em! He earned some taffy for his hard work and listening to me croak (yes, one of my "mime" sessions).

Mime Photography

Strange title, but that's how my weekend felt. I came down with laryngitis Thursday night and had no voice at all this weekend. Of course I had sessions all weekend so figured out how to make elaborate hand gestures and sort of croak out what I wanted.

This cutie here, little M, is a mini me of the actress Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives. I kept seeing that as I was editing her session, maybe a little Alyssa Milano thrown in. Anyway, she's a gorgeous child and made my job so easy, she was really into the session and loved the petti...its a truly magical thing that petti!

I get to photograph her brothers next weekend (I heard they were pretty darn cute too)...can't wait! Thanks Mom and M, look for your email and gallery link which I'm sending now!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Does this make me look fat?

Poor Gigi...she hadn't had her picture taken by me since early December so she was probably hoping I was over this "photography" thing and she was home free! Not so fast little missy....I was just taking a break! Since Easter is next month (early this year!) and she's about to get too big for the bunny we went to the studio yesterday. Note to self: never try to photograph her again by myself! I'd put her down, she'd start crawling to me so I was snapping as fast as I could while she was on the paper. So, we didn't get too many and they're just for me (and to torture her when she's a teenager...) A little cheese for a Friday ha ha!

I did notice she's a little chunk 'o monk...hence the title. Our baby is growing up too fast!