Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside! {Denton photographers}

Denton photography of child in downtown urban area
She's too young to know that song, but it sure was going thru my head last Saturday during our photography session in Denton. Miss J was such a trooper and didn't complain about the cold...but her little pink nose gave it away. We had this portrait session in downtown Denton around the was so nice having a change of scenery. The only downside is the cool ice cream shop wasn't open yet, and well, it might have been a tad cold (44 degrees) for that to sound appealing!

We're Back! {Keller family Photographers}

Keller Texas family portratit photography photo of fun family tickle session outdoors in park
I loved photographing this Keller Texas family last year, they were so fun; I was glad to hear back from them again this year, needing another portrait session. The kids are just too cute for words. Little miss there can give me a run for my money in the talking department! She is full of stories and just sharing her view on life in general. Regular readers of this blog might remember, brother had just lost his two front teeth last year - too cute! He has his new teeth in this are so cute when they first come in, they're so grown up looking. It's wonderful that these parents are documenting all the fun stages of growing up for their children to look back on. They're a beautiful family and I absolutely love photographing them. Don't you love this family tickle picture...I like to do those at the end and get the kids all wound up and then they go home with mom and dad! I'm sure they're thanking me all the way home....ha ha.

Little Man M

Southlake photography portrait of child
He is 3 and he is a delight. He had me laughing throughout the session with his cute expressions and just being a boy. You can tell he is the apple of Mom and Dad's eyes...I love doing family sessions where the love is so obvious. He did enjoy my toot machine, I haven't met a boy of any age yet that doesn't!