Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What gorgeous blue eyes he has! {Colleyville Photographers)

I photographed this guy last week and fell in love with his beautiful blue eyes! His mom booked a combination session, outdoor and studio portraits. I love black and white but couldn't bear to convert many of his because his eyes just stood out so much in color. I don't know how mom and dad ever tell him no when he turns those big eyes their way! He was a lot of fun to photograph even though I realized I forgot to give him his lollipop at the end This one was a favorite of mine from the session - great smile! And the other, well, we were just being silly and having fun!

Blends, Porcelains & More - Oh My!

I apparently have a short attention span...I find new fun things to do like Art Blends and offer them for a limited time and then forget about them. So, going through some of my work from 2006 I want to re-introduce a couple of these limited offerings beginning September thru December of 2007. After your session, when you view your gallery...just drop me a quick email note on what art style interests you and I'll work one up and add to your gallery!

The feet shot is an art blend...its the image with some textures, elements and text added and "blended" which is how I came to dub it a blend.

The black and white picture of the little girl is a Porcelain...these are given an art treatment and printed on fine art watercolor paper. They look awesome framed very simply in a black gallery style frame...they are available in size 11x14 or larger. Last is The Rockwell (the girl with Scottie, who is of course Brody). The Rockwell makes a great Christmas Card...very vintagey!