Monday, February 18, 2008

Baby Blessings

I got to photograph this beautiful little guy yesterday and I was so very happy to do so. This is a wonderful family who lost their baby boy last year to SIDS. Baby N here was an unexpected but oh so welcome blessing to their family. He has a beautiful older brother who's now 3 and we got some great images of him kissing his new brother. It's photography sessions like this that make it all so enriching being a photographer and being able to share a small part in families lives. I kept 99% of their images in color which the family love, but had to convert this one to bw!

Shabby Chic Limited Edition

As promised, here are the Shabby Chic images from this weekend's sessions. I had a blast! My customer's home was the absolute perfect backdrop for this - a beautiful 100 year old Victorian home. I'm posting just a sampling, there are tons more but these are some of my favorites. The little red head in the pink outfit by the bench....that one reminds me so much of the 1930's illustrator Bessie Pease Gutman (I've always loved her work). I can see I'm going to have to add many of these to my website.

The two brothers were adorable (as is their sister who I photographed last week), they started the day off on a fun note. I was lucky and had two adorable babies and I just love babies! Lots of sisters between the different families and we finished off the day with a cute 2 year old boy (I kept "stealing" his lollipop and that got some great smiles!).