Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Meet the "K" Family

Earlier last week I got to meet and work with the K family, they are the nicest people, very easy and fun session. They are "new" Texans but have already survived one summer here so I think they'll be fine. They were referred to me by one of my longtime customers and to her I say thanks! I always appreciate the referrals and it lets me know I'm doing my job right.

I love this shot (and so do they)...very pretty day and the Botanic Gardens are always a gorgeous venue to shoot in. It was a bit of a vacation for me working with older kids, and I enjoy the older kids personalities and sense of humor. Sometimes the little ones don't get my jokes....

Thanks K family....I hope you enjoyed your session as much as I enjoyed photographing you!

Busy weekend

I had quite a few sessions this weekend so be prepared, lots of blogging coming! I photographed quite a few families from Keller and Southlake in a photography lallopalooza, one right after the other. One of my great customers had several friends come over to her neighborhood and we had a good time!

One of the families had the most precious little 2 year old, who wouldn't look at me, total diss! 2 year olds have a mind of their own, especially girls! I'm sure mom was quite impressed with my "way with kids" ha ha. But we got several great images anyway. Here's one with all three girls, mom was smart and spaced them out so she had built in babysitters!

Another family (not sure what order the images will be in), the older sister, when asked what her favorite subject at school was, replied (rightfully so!)...recess! I heard through the grapevine though that she and her little sister are quite smart and do great at school! Her little sister was funny and kept me laughing throughout, you know the youngest are usually the funny ones (said by a last born)

Next we have the cousins...two families, one a regular and one I just met. Miss H (blond) has done several sessions with me and I'm thinking I need to hire her to be my assistant. She was so helpful with the other kids, knew just where I wanted them and what I was going for! Her cousin Miss C (dark hair) has to be one of the happiest people I have ever met! She is all smiles and just a sweet, sweet girl. I got so many awesome images of her with her brother (the little blond guy) it was hard to edit down! And Mr. L (bigger blond)...he asked right off the bat if I brought my toot machine (my secret weapon for smiles)...and of course I did. Bathroom humour is never out of style for guys, trust me!

The P family has R and C, R is interested in trying some modelling and I think she would definitely be good at it. Cute in real life and photogenic as well, (that doesn't always go hand in hand), she has the most gorgeous God given highlights and a skin tone/complexion I would love to have! Her brother was cooperative and a real cutie too but was more interested in going fishing in the nearby pond than being a model, who could blame him??

I think I'll post the next batch in a new blog entry....my fingers are tired! Stay tuned....

Grace, A Gift From God

I was so in love with this family and their beloved dog. They were in town visiting relatives and booked a photography session while they were here. These images of Grace just melted my heart. A little back story (grab a tissue)...Grace had belonged to a woman in Nebraska and she was pretty much kept crated all day, every day. Her new owner Barbie heard about her from her sister, who knew about Grace's situation and the rescue society there talked the owner into giving her up to a new family who would be able to spend time with her. So Barbie and Mark rescued her and at first she didn't even know how to play she was so used to being crated. Barbie fell in love with her, this was her new best friend. A few months after getting her, Barbie found out she has Chronic Leukemia and I think that's where Grace comes in...Grace went totally blind not long after Barbie's diagnosis. I truly believe God sent Grace to her new family because they needed her, Barbie needed something to love and take care of so as not to dwell on her illness. A true love story of the best kind. Both are doing well, and except for a few bumps in new, unfamiliar surroundings Grace gets around great. I can tell you, she can hear a Frito bag from another room!