Thursday, November 15, 2007

Little Miss Fashionista

Well, I couldn't believe this outfit was jammies! Santa's probably going to bring her something extra just for dressing so nice when she leaves his milk and cookies! Mom had several cute outfits to dress her in. Little miss here was all about the shoes...and they were darn cute! A sweet family and they did a great job coordinating their outfits for their shoot. A good time was had by all.....

My Brother and I

These two brothers were very sweet. The older brother, I couldn't get over how mature he was, it was like talking to someone much older! I think he's got a high i.q. for sure! And very sweet natured to boot. His younger brother, who is 4, has the sweetest little face. His eyes were so soft and doelike (he'll probably hate that description when he's a teenager). Very cute little guys and they seemed to enjoy their session and all the exploring we did!

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth...

I love when I get to photograph kids when they've lost their baby teeth, I think its adorable, like Leave it to Beaver. I hear all the time from parents wanting to get they're kids in before they lose the tooth, this family wanted to capture the moment after their son lost his top two teeth. So cute!

His little sister was so adorable, I really could have played with her all day...she was telling me stories and being so animated which always makes for great expressions. And these two kids were so easy to work with, always a good thing!