Saturday, April 5, 2008

Such sparkly eyes!

Meet Z Man! He's 4.5 and has the most sparkly eyes....they just photograph like a dream! I can't decide if his eyes are green or brown or a combo...but beautiful! He started off a tad shy but quickly warmed up to the session. It helped that the location was fun and they even had a race exhibit set up with stuff for the kids to do. That was a nice thing to be rewarded by at the end! Mom and Dad come in 5 hours away for their photo session - wow, that's a nice compliment! Ok, it helped just a little that they came in to see Thomas the Train and stay at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine...I have to go check that place out, sounds like a blast!

Yummilicious Brothers

Meet the "K" Brothers! I asked Mom how she managed to space them out so perfectly...5.5, 3.5 and 1.5! They were so cute, and the little one I have my eyes on for my grandbaby's first boyfriend....maybe give it 10 years! They were really an easygoing bunch, the baby was active as all toddlers are...his oldest brother was such a big help with him, he really looked out for his little brother (though I think he wore him out...toddlers are busy!). "R", the middle brother was just a little charmer, cute, cute smiles and he's such a happy guy! I love this shot, can't remember what they were looking at but it really had their attention!