Sunday, November 4, 2007

Busy 2 Year Old

This was a busy little man! He loved the ducks at the park and that kept his attention quite a bit. This family was nice enough to reschedule their shoot to Halloween evening due to my illness that week...they were great sports about having to put off trick or treating a bit! Hopefully they will feel it was worth the wait!

Brother and Big Sister

This shot I'm going to post here is a shot that photographers dream of getting! Mom even said pretty much word for word that same thing to me after she saw it! These two were very loving with each other, you could tell they really love each other. Always sweet to see that in siblings. Anyway, this family was just charming...first time I had met them, a great customer I've had for years referred them and I sure appreciate it! So I do apologize for the delay in getting this up here...thanks for your patience!

I'm late, I'm posting!

Our beautiful grand baby blessed us with a dose of the stomach bug that's going around, we lovingly call her "Typhoid Mary"...the joys of kids in daycare! She got it for about one day, my husband and I are still trying to bounce back a week later. Anyway, all that's to say...I'm very late in posting some images from all the sessions I've done this last week or so. So here comes a whole lotta posting...!