Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meet Baby A

Not too terribly long ago I met this family and did their maternity images. They have a gorgeous little 3 year old girl and now a new baby brother for her, "A." She held him during the session and kissed him and while Mom and Dad were doing their images with him, she took care of my studio baby doll. It was very sweet to see what good care she took and how tender she was with both babies! Here's one that I thought was very sweet...he let me know pretty quick that he did NOT appreciate me firing those lights at him! And Mom got a little wet that day, though Dad lucked out and never got it once!

Laughing Kids

This is an image I shot of 2 brothers and their baby sister along with Mom and Dad this past weekend. I was forewarned by Mom that the boys were in to the "silly" faces stage...very typical of their ages. So I came prepared...brought out the old standby, the toot machine. It never fails me! They were laughing it up big in this shot, which I just love! These are the type images that in 20 years you look back on and smile and feel your heart melt just a little bit.

A Trio of Beauties

I got to photograph this family on Saturday morning at the park. I was nervous the park would be overrun with people but we got lucky...beautiful weather and not too crowded as it had been earlier in the week. This is a trio of Mom and her two daughters. You can tell they inherited their mom's good looks! I love this shot of them, and of course had to show it in black and white, my favorite! We did a lot during the session, the family, daughter and her fiance, and some with the family pets. This little boxer puppy here was to die for cute! I could have taken her home, it gave me puppy fever bad! If I were ever going to have a big dog it would definitely be a Boxer. And did you notice her beautiful pearl necklace, you're never too young or too canine to accessorize!