Sunday, September 19, 2010

Southlake Family Portrait Session {Southlake Family Photography}

Southlake childrens pictures, photo of brother and sister

Southlake childrens photography photo of grandchildren on tractor
Most photographers will confess to each other that large group portraits can be a nervewracking experience. You have to pose a lot of people, make sure they are all looking your way, coordinate clothing choices beforehand etc. So when I got this call from the grandmother (who by the way sounded 20 on the phone!) I admittedly gulped a bit when I heard it was 20 people!

I thrive on a challenge however; I think it gives me a secret rush or something! I got to their gorgeous home in Southlake and they had a great barn to use, an open pasture with a pond...unfortunately the beautifully landscaped front yard was in full sun so that was not going to work. But they had a beautiful front porch in shade and we did use that with gorgeous results.

Other than it being hot (late July in Texas, of course it's hot)...all went very well and they looked awesome!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who let the dogs out??? {Keller Family Photography}

Keller photography photo of boxer dog and ownerKeller family photo of couple with boxer dog

Okay, I LOVE that song and got to use it for this post so sing along now....

A gorgeous couple and their beautiful boxer...he was the most well behaved and well trained dog. He loved having his picture made, when he was not supposed to be in the shot he kept wandering back in. He thought he was the star of the show! And Mom and Dad are so gorgeous and loving, they just made this a really fun and easy session. I love animals and so I was thrilled when they asked if they could be photographed with their pet. Of course!