Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mother Nature...If Momma aint happy, nobody's happy!

Well, I'm back after losing power for almost 2 days. Shades of 2004 when we were one of the neighborhoods that lost power for 5 days! Not fun! My freezer and frig are nice and empty right now so off to the store I go today. I almost cried when I had to throw out an UNOPENED box of chocolate ice cream...that's just not right...sigh.

Oh well, at least my computer didn't get fried. We had a huge bolt of lightening hit and it sounded like it was right in the back yard. Hope all is well with everyone and hope we are done with this weather!

Since we didn't know when the power would be back on, and Friday was so stinking beautiful outside, we decided to grab Gigi and head to the zoo. She had had a stomach bug a few days before so decided to cling to Grandma and not walk and was quite happy to be pushed around the zoo. Pops and I are feeling it today...this is why God doesn't let old people have to have them for visits and then we need to recoup a lot afterwards! The Fort Worth Zoo is one of the best ever! I've been to the San Diego zoo and while its great, I think FW's is just as good. We hadn't been in about 12 years (practically lived there when my son was growing up!). I couldn't believe all the changes they've made. They have a new Penguin exhibit coming that looks like its going to be really cool...think it where the old aquarium was located. Gigi's favorite animal was the elephant and she would raise her arm up and make an elephant sound...too cute! And I bought a bag of popcorn to munch on while we were there, gave her a few pieces to see how they sat on her stomach and she loved the popcorn and kept saying "more" and making the sign language sign for more when she did it! I think her daycare taught her smart is she? She's point out the animals to us and say "dog!"...they were all dogs to her or maybe dog is just the same as "animal."

Okay, Grandma brag time over...I have to say I made a big sacrifice for the zoo yesterday. I decided to leave the camera at home and "be in the moment" instead of trying to "capture the moment"...its so important to do that but when I saw all the mom's and dad's with their cameras out there it was hard! I think we just need to buy a zoo membership so we can go back a lot throughout the year! See I don't even have one picture to post with this blog....