Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Soho Collection {Dallas and Fort Worth Photography Studio}

Beginning on August 15th, Dallas and Fort Worth photography studio, Cathy Zaragoza Photography will be offering framed wall collections and the first one out the door is the Soho. I showed it earlier with a different photo and now I am showing it in a different layout. The Soho is sooo hooo cool! It's a very artsy look...these portraits are 12x12 with 6x6 off center matted images. You can lay your framed images out 2 over 2 as shown here or 4 across in a row. This is a quick mockup until my order comes in and then I'll post the real thing. Guess who my model was???? The portrait collections will be shown with more info. on my website very soon so be sure and stop by and check them out!