Thursday, August 30, 2007

PhotoBooth Images - Come get silly!

What fun! I was inspired to offer this when I saw the new promos for LA Ink (no, I don't watch that show, just the commercials!). I remembered how fun it was in my childhood to do the photobooth stuff...don't see many of them around anymore. But, this is a great way to bring it back! This is 4 images on a 5x15 print that is mounted done in black and white for a vintage feel or they can also be in color. The object is to have fun...laugh, play, giggle, make silly faces!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Biggest Blue Eyes!

These two are some of my regulars...unfortunately they moved out of state a few years ago but still call me when they're in town! They absolutely have the most gorgeous blue eyes. My little model girl here was all about "striking a pose" when we did this session...she had me cracking up! She's 6 and that's the age little girls start loving the camera, but she's always been a doll to work with. He's a little bruiser...quite the little man! He accidentally gave sister an owie during the shoot but all was forgiven by the end!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beautiful Newborn {Fort Worth Newborn Photographers}

Fort Worth Baby photography newborn baby fun pose examples
Literally just arrived back at the studio from this newborn photography session today. I couldn't wait to see what we got - love this one! She was the BEST baby....posed perfect, good attitude, didn't poop or pee on anyone - she couldn't have been any easier. And her skin is just beautiful and soft. I told mom and dad she could give Suri Cruise a run for her money in the head of hair department!

So mom, dad and's a real quick sneak peek...the rest of your beautiful baby portraits will be up very shortly!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Portraits and Home for the Holidays

I have a poll to see who would be interested in doing either/or/both of the Limited Editions listed above. I will be posting samples on my website shortly but for now am putting one from last Halloween.

The Pumpkin Patch will be outdoors with hay, pumpkins, fall decor as well as indoors a photo like the one attached here. Your child may also bring their costume if you want and we will do a few with costume/black backdrop.

The Home for the Holidays will also be at the studio. We will have real "snow" (its a cold, won't melt manmade version), sleds, winter decor. This would be an ideal time for people just wanting a photo for Christmas Cards!

So vote, let me know your interest and we'll take it from there!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Impish Grin {Fort Worth Baby Photographers}

This cute baby boy was in the studio on Sunday and our goal for this particular picture, was to have mom and dad holding his hands with baby standing up...but he had ideas of his own!

He had learned to crawl and that's what he wanted to do! I love his red hair and his little grin. Baby portraits are so unpredictable and wonderful. The pictures you don't plan are sometimes a better memory than the images you do plan. Little boys are so sweet (says the mom of a grown son...). He got to do a lot of different things during his photo shoot but crawling was definitely his favorite!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Birth Order Fun Facts...Do You Fit Yours?

First Born
  • Over half of all U.S. Presidents were First Borns or Only Children
  • First Borns are natural leaders - they tend to be reliable, conscientious and perfectionists who don't like surprises.
  • They tend to be "model children" who have a strong need for approval from anyone in charge
  • They tend to be company CEOs.
Only Children
  • They are first borns but in triplicate!
  • They are more responsible and even bigger perfectionists than first borns.
  • They usually get along better with people older than themselves.
Middle Child
  • The middle often feels the older siblings get all the glory while the younger sibling escapes all discipline.
  • The middle child feels the world pays less attention to them so they are more secretive and don't openly share their thoughts and feelings.
  • The middle child tends to go outside the family more for companionship so their friends and peer groups are very important.
  • They usually read people well and are peacemakers who see all sides to the situation; they're independent and inventive-they tend to be entrepreneurs rather than CEOs.
Last Born
  • The babies of the family are social and outgoing.
  • They are the most financially irresponsible - they just want to have a good time.
  • Many comedians are the last borns of their families - they know charm pays!
  • Last borns tend to be the least responsible of the siblings and can be easily spoiled.
The excerpts listed above are from an article by Dr. Kevin Leman - the complete article can be seen here.

Friday, August 10, 2007

How to get the best out of your photo session - Babies {Fort Worth photographers}

Southlake baby photography example of baby and dad portrait in studio
Cute six month old baby pose examples pictures of Southlake baby photographers
Southlake Texas baby photographers picture example of Toddler outdoors on location in natural light
Babies grow up so fast, the time really just seems to fly by that first year. You'll want to be sure to capture those moments with photo memories. The best pictures will always be those that are natural and unposed! When I photograph babies, I like the parents the parents to be in the room, nearby to calm and amuse their baby - mom and dad always know what gets that laugh or smile and babies are often scared of strangers starting at around 9 months. An exception to this rule is the newborns that are nursing, mommy is a distraction if she's in the room - they know she's the lunch lady and will fuss to get to her.

Baby portraiture doesn't have to be conventional...showing just a part of the child such as fingers and toes illustrates how small and vulnerable your tiny baby is. Sleeping babies always make a wonderful portrait!

When we talk of "newborns" photographers usually are referring to 14 days or younger while parents think this means 6 to 8 weeks. Trust me...if you want those "bendy" poses with your baby, the younger you can get them in to the photgrapher, or the photographer can come to you, the better! Once babies hit around 2 weeks they start stretching those arms and legs out - free at last of that cramped womb - and will be more froglike in their poses. Newborn photo sessions typically last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours...I always allow time for breaks, nursing, diaper changes etc. And the extra time is necessary to get both the eyes open and sleeping shots. I normally keep the studio on the warm side for newborns so be prepared. Most moms and dads want some with them interacting with the babies and I keep a supply of black turtlenecks on hand at the studio. These type of family portraits are usually referred to as "relationship" background, black shirts, baby naked or in a onesie with lots of interaction between the family members in the picture, going on.

Babies in the 3 to 4 month range don't look like newborns anymore but they still can't do much. I like for babies moms to make appointments at the following ages to get the most out of the portrait sessions: newborn, 6 to 8 months and 12 months. At 6 months baby may be sitting up but if not, almost all are by 8 months. This is a great age to get those naked baby pictures from behind showing all their cute little baby rolls. 12 months is ideal for standing photos, toddling/walking photos and baby will really ham it up for the camera by now!

If you have any questions about a newborn or baby session, please call the studio and chat, we'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Soho Collection {Dallas and Fort Worth Photography Studio}

Beginning on August 15th, Dallas and Fort Worth photography studio, Cathy Zaragoza Photography will be offering framed wall collections and the first one out the door is the Soho. I showed it earlier with a different photo and now I am showing it in a different layout. The Soho is sooo hooo cool! It's a very artsy look...these portraits are 12x12 with 6x6 off center matted images. You can lay your framed images out 2 over 2 as shown here or 4 across in a row. This is a quick mockup until my order comes in and then I'll post the real thing. Guess who my model was???? The portrait collections will be shown with more info. on my website very soon so be sure and stop by and check them out!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mr. Bright Eyes {Fort Worth Baby Photographers}

We just did this photo session this morning so I'm still editing but for mom, dad and grandparents - here's a quick sneak peek at one....he's adorable!

I absolutely love baby photography, they're all so fun and adorable all rolled into one.

Call our Fort Worth Photography studio to schedule your baby or family session today! We have tons of photography locations in Keller, Southlake, Fort Worth, Colleyville, Trophy Club and more!

Do you have portrait ideas you'd like to try? Talk to us about what you've got in mind so together we can make your baby's pictures everything you've imagined.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What gorgeous blue eyes he has! {Colleyville Photographers)

I photographed this guy last week and fell in love with his beautiful blue eyes! His mom booked a combination session, outdoor and studio portraits. I love black and white but couldn't bear to convert many of his because his eyes just stood out so much in color. I don't know how mom and dad ever tell him no when he turns those big eyes their way! He was a lot of fun to photograph even though I realized I forgot to give him his lollipop at the end This one was a favorite of mine from the session - great smile! And the other, well, we were just being silly and having fun!

Blends, Porcelains & More - Oh My!

I apparently have a short attention span...I find new fun things to do like Art Blends and offer them for a limited time and then forget about them. So, going through some of my work from 2006 I want to re-introduce a couple of these limited offerings beginning September thru December of 2007. After your session, when you view your gallery...just drop me a quick email note on what art style interests you and I'll work one up and add to your gallery!

The feet shot is an art blend...its the image with some textures, elements and text added and "blended" which is how I came to dub it a blend.

The black and white picture of the little girl is a Porcelain...these are given an art treatment and printed on fine art watercolor paper. They look awesome framed very simply in a black gallery style frame...they are available in size 11x14 or larger. Last is The Rockwell (the girl with Scottie, who is of course Brody). The Rockwell makes a great Christmas Card...very vintagey!