Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Little Elf

Mom let me play with E today....she's such a doll, I could take her picture all day long. She finally had enough though...we did teaparty, Christmas hat, birthday and petti....alot for a little one in just one session. I had to add snow to the snowball shot just for fun...

Enjoy your peek Mom while I finish editing your session!

Sample Slideshow

I offer cd slideshows set to music using all the images that are in your galleries. I have added a link (off to the right) to a sample slideshow. These can have text added (as shown) or just images. Please ignore the home page on the slideshow gallery....the site is having major problems right now so I can't load it with images but I'm working on fixing that. But, having said all that...the slideshow works, just the homepage isn't so pretty!