Thursday, October 30, 2008

The P Family {Keller family photographers}

family portrait in Keller Texas photography
Creative sessions ideas are at the forefront of this Keller photographers work; loved photographing this family and their pictures are great!

I can't even pronounce their last name (and I'm sure they feel that way about MY last name...) so just know them as the "P" family. The mom's extended family was in town to celebrate her birthday...and can I just say I want some of what's she's got...she is so young looking and in the 4 or 5 years I've known them hasn't aged at all! So not fair...

They always come up with some cute ideas and this particular family portrait was no exception. This year was all about the cowboy hats, don't they make great props or accessories for photos? What better backdrop to put them against than this western looking location.

Let me help you plan your family pictures and know that Keller family photography is our niche.

The Glass Cactus Surprise Party

Well, I won't say "who" and I won't say "how old" but one of my regular, great customers booked me way back in July for his wife's birthday (it was yesterday...happy birthday)! The party was about two weeks or so ago (I'm so behind right now...) at the Glass Cactus on the Gaylord Hotel property in Grapevine. I had heard about this place and it was great! L, the birthday girl, has a favorite band, the M80's, a faux British 80's tribute band and they were scheduled to play that night, so that's why her great husband picked that night. I am not a dancer - at all - but even I was shaking my groove thing a little bit while I was photographing on the dance floor. The mark of a good band is when you can actually get people on the dance floor and it was full!

So here's a shot of the M80' some great shots of the birthday girl up there singing with them but she may not appreciate me sharing I'll be good and just show the band!

Little Man C {Southlake baby photographers}

Southlake Texas baby portrait outdoors natural light photo example
I got to meet and photograph this cute little toddler last weekend...his mom is an awesome interior designer in Southlake that I have photographed homes for, but this was the first time I photographed her family. Mom's gorgeous and her son inherited her looks obviously! He was so observant throughout the whole photo session it made me chuckle; very much observing and analyzing what was going on. It was wonderful that he was a very good sport about it all, I think he approved of it his portrait being taken. Grandma came with him and mom and got him to smile for me...but she informed me later that when they were in the car on the way home he was grinning from ear to ear...isn't that always the way? lol

I referred to him as a toddler above but he's actually only 7 months old, a baby really...already crawling, climbing and standing up...I suspect he will be walking by 9 months. I think he's got places to go and people to see and is ready to get on with it!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Same time last year - see how they've grown!

I have photographed these adorable twins with their mom and dad since they turned one and its so fun every year to see how they've grown! It was a really fun portrait session this year and couldn't have gone any easier. Three year olds are delightful, sometimes the terrible two's extend into this age, ha ha, but not with these two.

They were just very excited to explore the park and they got to have some fun in the playground area during the session. I love the looks on their faces when they're trying out all the equipment, makes for great photos of the kids in action. Anyone who knows me and my style knows "posed" is not my specialty! The picture above is a great example of lifestyle photography.

Monday, October 20, 2008

March of Dimes Celebrity Chefs 2008

I was 2nd shooting last weekend with a fellow photographer friend at the March of Dimes 2008 event. An awesome cause for a fund raiser and a great way to do it...awesome food and drinks, wonderful donations for the silent and live auction. I got to taste the food and it sure makes going back to Whataburger

difficult! I adore doing food photography so this was an especially fun event for some of the dishes they served up. The cakes were very tempting and so beautiful!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Girl Road Trip

Let me tell you a bit about Amy...we met 4 years ago when I was booked for a newborn session at her home. It could have gone a bit easier...she later told her mom (I found out) "well, that was a waste of money!" But when I posted her images...she was blown away she said and turned in to one of my very best customers ever! Over the years she is now my friend first, customer second. So besides this being a job, a calling for has brought me some wonderful people who I am proud to call friends. Amy was by my side when my husband was ill and passed and just a rock for me. Okay, so there's the back story.

Amy was "Jonesing" as she calls it for a photo session...Miss P, her 4 year old, had a beautiful new dress to be photographed in. So I suggested Mineral Wells' Baker Hotel. I fell in love with it last year when I photographed it...gorgeous old hotel that is sadly, falling into disrepair and I fear will not be around for many more years. So off we go on Saturday at 8:30. We did the session (and met a few scary homeless people around the hotel..yikes!), and even hit a great pumpkin stand in Weatherford...a really fun, relaxing road trip. I'm thinking about hitting the road this weekend to check out some spots out Decatur way so you never know what I'll find!

Meet the "M" Family!

picture examples poses of two year old child from Frisco Texas
photo examples poses of baby and two year old children outdoors
This Frisco Texas family won my donated photography gift card from 2007 Holton's Drive for SIDS (see story below)...I'm so glad I finally got to meet and work with them, they were so sweet and drove in from Frisco for their portrait session. Mom's parents came in from Oklahoma for a visit so they came along and were great at helping to get the little ones smiling for the camera (and granddad brought his video camera...I asked him to please not get a shot of Miss Cathy's tush!...or at least Photoshop it smaller!)

These kids were just adorable and so very easy to photograph. You wouldn't have know big sis was in her two's because she was so cooperative - maybe she didn't get the memo on how two years olds normally act?