Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Waiting for baby

I love this shot, so moody and sweet as the family awaits their new little one. Big sister is ready and did a great job talking to the tummy and loving on it. So sweet. Not too much longer till their little surprise gets here!

We are family (sing along now...)

I photographed a family of 8 multi-generational family members this past weekend and it went so smooth I almost couldn't believe it! This is one of my great, long-time customers...I've been photographing them since their third child was just 6 months old...they now have 5 kids! Mom and Dad are the perfect parents for a large family...very easygoing, things just roll off their backs...they have my admiration for sure! I told them they looked like the Osmond family when they were posing for their family portrait but mom assured me they didn't sound like them!

I have to tell a funny story on their youngest...she's got a little red in her hair and I think it showed up during the session. She wanted down - now! - and head butted her oldest sister to make her point. Mom said that's her new thing to do lately...I think she may have a career in wrestling. She's got the moves down already! Here's one of her in a happier moment...she was making some faces and they were so cute I didn't edit any of them out!