Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Add 2 little girls and 1 big brother = fun! {Dallas Childrens Photographers}

Take 15 month old twin girls and their big brother and you get quite a workout for a photography session! This picture give you a good idea of the energy these children had. WOW!
I photographed the big brother last year at his 15 month session while his little sisters were still in mommie's tummy. I got to meet the girls last Saturday...we didn't stay outside too long as it got hot even at 9 am! The twins had such different personalities but both were just as cute and sweet as could be during their photo shoot and big brother is such a sweet little boy, it was a fun, energetic session for sure!

Happy Boy

Southlake family photograhy picture of baby boy
I'm a little behind on my blogging again...gotta tell you, I love owning my own photography business and the marketing and all that goes with it but these days with FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and all the other social networking sites to keep updated, along with my website and my blog...whew! I need more hours in the day so that I can show everybody the beautiful family pictures that I'm so privileged to take of my Fort Worth, Keller and Southlake area families!

Anyway, here's pictures of Mr. G who just celebrated turning one in June. He's such a happy little guy and that makes his photography session so easy and fun for me! He loves his Mommy...she can always get a great smile out of him!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Harlequeen's / Paige's

I was recently hired to photograph two fabulous stores in Colleyville! Wow, I am so lucky I was able to leave there with any money still in my pocket...too, too much cute stuff to choose from! Paige Dixon is the owner of both stores and she will be putting up a blog soon so I will be linking them here - check back! They are having a trunk show this weekend featuring one of her artists at Harlequeens. The artist does the most wonderful art pieces to decorate your home with, very unusual.

Here's a sampling from Harlequeen's...I will try and get up the images from Paige's in the next day or so...fyi, Paige's is a boutique that offers some home accessories, shoes, belts, handbags, clothing and jewelry and much more. Harlequeen's features the work of local artists and is more decorative accessories for the home but they also have some cute clothes, jewelry and purses etc. There is something for everyone's tastes at either store and both shops are located off Hwy 26 in Colleyville.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Lots of posting to do today { Souhlake Family pictures photography}

Well, I'm back at work, doing well but seriously behind in my blogging of new sessions. I'm just going to say a bit and then post them all together in one post.

The pictures of two sisters in the pool are of a family I have been lucky enough to photograph for about 3 years now. They were so much fun and showing off for Miss Cathy all the things they could do in the pool. I could have stayed by their pool all day...Dad has done an awesome job landscaping their yard so it was a wonderful location for their session and then they put on their swim suits and we did some more natural poses. The image I'm showing here is a really cute, natural portrait, unposed and spontaneous, and you know I love capturing those moments!

These two little girls here in the black and white photo don't get to see other often...one is a cousin who lives in Malaysia and they were here visiting family. We all headed to the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth, which is a great location for family pictures and this particular picture was towards the end when they were wearing their "twin" outfits and giggling. There's nothing quite like two little girls in giggle mode...I really love this portrait from their family photography session.

I have had a couple of little boy newborns lately. The one shown laughing here started our session off by trying to "get me"....I guess he was showing me who was boss. We all had a good laugh over that one...hmm, maybe that's why he was laughing in this shot, thought he got Miss Cathy! Gotta love little boys' plumbing.

The next picture is of a newborn in black and white...he was just so gorgeous, and photographed great. His big sister did an awesome job during our portrait session doing the "kissing" shots with him, and those are sometimes tough shots to capture. I look forward to photographing him as he grows up as I have done with his big sister.

Last, but not least, is Miss C. She is turning 3 and brought all her shoes...she is starting young on being a shoeaholic. Move over Carrie from Sex and the City...you've got competition. Little Fashionistas start young don't they? I love this picture of her in the hat....she kept crinkling up her little nose at me through the portrait session and that was so adorable.