Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Gerber Baby

Oh, this one is a doll! I adore 6 month olds anyway, they are just so cuddly and squeezable and their personalities are starting to come out...ummm! This is "E" who's on my bebe plan and I haven't seen her since her first session when she was a newborn. She was born with a headful of hair and still has it! She was the perfect baby today....we did several outfit changes, she had a full 45 minute session and never got cross, cranky, or upset. She smiled at me quite a few times so I feel sure editing out any will be a challenge for me! This shot is done with a white feather boa mom brought and she loved it...loved putting it in her mouth and making herself giggle. I think in this one she is showing her "diva" side...look at that saucy smile!

I Dream of Jeannie (sort of...)

I did headshots this past weekend for "Y" and her overall appearance kept reminding me of Heidi Klum (a good thing) and we kept laughing about that. But as I was editing I realize she really reminds me a lot of Barbara Eden who played on I Dream of Jeannie. I may be showing my age now...anyway, both actresses are gorgeous so being compared to either of them is a compliment! Headshots are always fun to do and Y was very animated and knew how to pose since she does have the acting background. That makes it easier to get great shots when the subject knows how to "work" the camera (which is why I'm on the other side...I do not!).