Sunday, June 7, 2009

A special session with a special family {Grapevine Family Photographers}

I photographed this Grapevine family over the Memorial Day weekend at a beautiful spot in Grapevine, and was so very happy to see them again. This is the family that lost their son to SIDS and host the Holton's Drive for SIDS to raise money for research in his honor. They have an older son but after Holton's passing were blessed with another son. This was his final baby session and he has grown so much since I last photographed him. They are the sweetest family who have always exhibited grace through their trials. I told Mom she inspired me with how she handled her loss and when I lost my husband it really resonated with me. One of her friends commented on the photographs that Mom had lost the sad look in her eyes...I agree and am so happy to see all of them doing so well and feeling joy again.

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