Friday, February 1, 2008

Does this make me look fat?

Poor Gigi...she hadn't had her picture taken by me since early December so she was probably hoping I was over this "photography" thing and she was home free! Not so fast little missy....I was just taking a break! Since Easter is next month (early this year!) and she's about to get too big for the bunny we went to the studio yesterday. Note to self: never try to photograph her again by myself! I'd put her down, she'd start crawling to me so I was snapping as fast as I could while she was on the paper. So, we didn't get too many and they're just for me (and to torture her when she's a teenager...) A little cheese for a Friday ha ha!

I did notice she's a little chunk 'o monk...hence the title. Our baby is growing up too fast!