Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aunt Bunny's Baby

We kiddingly call my grandbaby's aunt, Aunt Bunny - we were picking out our aunt and grandma's names while waiting for her to be born. So this is Gigi's little cousin "K"...she's a doll! At first she was her daddy made over but now at 6 months more of her mommy is showing up. It's funny how they can change like that isn't it? I love the little sailor suit Mom dressed her in...I have at least 10 in my costume closet so I must remember to use them! And I've used my wicker chaise lounge a lot lately, it's great for those babies that aren't sitting up really well yet.

A blend for baby

I have already posted about this little guy but I worked up a blend for mom and she loved it...also did a blend for the birth announcements. I think this turned out really well and wanted to show it off. Blends don't work on everything (busy backgrounds for example) but when they do, they do!

A Vintage Feel

I photographed this little 1 year old last weekend - I had alot of the 2 and under crowd last week! He had such a "little man" look to him, and such cute, shy smiles that I decided to put Teddy the bear in for a few shots and this image just seemed right for a vintage treatment. I think it works. I love tweaking and playing with the images (when I have time!).

A Thoughtful Moment

I'm a bit behind on last week's posting so here come quite a few. This little girl "J" is such a petite little doll. She's 2 and right at 20 lbs, so dainty. She is the definite apple of mommy and daddy's eyes. I got several smiles from her even though she was feeling a little shy that day. But of course, you know me...I love bw and the serious shots! So that's what I'm posting!