Friday, November 23, 2007

A Couple of Characters!

This brother and sister were so much fun to work with and a perfect example of how I like to work a session. The trick to photographing kids in the style I work in, is to let the kids be themselves. I try not to pose too much but instead give the kids an activity to run a race or hold hands and spin, things they will have fun doing and get natural smiles and expressions. The sister here, who I think may end up in Hollywood someday, she was so lively and spirited and that makes a session so great, because you're really getting to see the true personality. Her brother, a very sweet little guy, very gentle, has a different personality, he's quieter and not as much an extrovert and he has very soulful eyes, and I was lucky enough to capture that in his images. I personally feel if you overly pose kids, you just lose all that personality and what makes them the special kids they are. You just let go of expectations and follow where the kids take you! Okay, off my soapbox for now!

It was a cold one for sure!

Well, I'd just like to request our Indian Summer back...this poor family flew in from the northeast part of the country and their session was the morning the cold front was blowing in! Poor little girls were chilly but luckily (and kudos to the whole family for being sports), we got some great images in spite of not so great conditions.