Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover and my friend

I have been sitting on this information for months and couldn't tell anyone....I can't believe I kept my lips zipped! Well, the great news is that I found out yesterday that my dear friend of 8 years, Amber Augustin and her husband have been selected for Extreme Home Makeover! Their home was flooded a year and a half ago when Fort Worth had that terrible flood on Father's Day. They have been living in a condo, all the while making house payments in a home that was just sitting there, ruined. Amber is a fellow photographer and she and her husband had just built her a great studio in their converted garage so she was unable to use any of her photography studio...it has been a real mess all in all.

Amber and Peter are two of the best people you would be blessed to know. When my husband fell ill Amber is who I called to do an event for me when I realized how serious my husband's condition was. She did an awesome job - for free - and took that worry from me. And they are such good Christian people, they really walk the walk, not just talk the talk...when they came to Steven's bedside and prayed over him I felt such a relief. That is just one small example of things they have done for me, they have done so much for so many others. They couldn't have picked a more deserving family. Here is a link that will let you follow along on this story...so excited to see the episode when it airs early in 2009!

Just found an article in Star Telegram on them here.