Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daddy's little girls

I met a new family yesterday that were referred by one of my longtime customers and I was immediately in love with all of their hair. Beautiful blonde ringlets, mom and both girls had them. We met at a beautiful park in Southlake which is normally an iffy spot as it gets very bright sun throughout most of the day. We so lucked out and had some cloud cover so the light was just beautiful! And by the time we were done, it was about to rain, missed by a very narrow margin! The oldest sister "R" is so photogenic it's crazy (in a good way!). This shot of her is my absolute favorite from the whole's to die for good! I did show mom on the back of the camera but when I opened it up later on my pc I was soooo thrilled, it looked even better blown up! I am showing it to mom in color and bw but posting the bw here, you know I love my black and white! The little one is 17 months old "K" and she has the sweetest little baby curls, love them and her long eyelashes. We played some in the water but she wasn't too sure about that part! Next is one of the images of the girls (shh, its a secret for daddy)...I love it, its so sweet and I think this one will melt mom's heart too!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Food Photography - Tips and Tricks that make your mouth water

That luscious-looking roasted turkey has been washed in dishwashing detergent, cooked briefly, painted with ten coats of food coloring, and blowtorched (to give it that lovely roasted look!)

Those natural-looking bunches of grapes are sprayed with baby powder deodorant.

The molded cream pudding is hard as a rock, because it contains ten times the amount of gelatin than a regular pudding would. (We don't want it to melt under those hot lights!)

The ice you see in that frosty beverage is most likely acrylic "ice," that refracts light better than real ice and doesn't melt.

The rich-looking syrup being poured over pancakes? Motor oil works well here.

Like that milkshake? It's a combination of food colouring, and whipped shortening! And don't go for the ice cream instead - it's shortening too.

That great looking bowl of cereal on the cover of your cereal box is actually cereal and white glue, instead of milk, to prevent the cereal from getting soggy. (No one wants to buy a box of mush!)

Those veggies that look as if if they were just picked and dew-covered? Mix glycerine into a spray bottle with water and the drops will stay on for about 15 minutes. (Glycerin can be used to give any food a juicy, glistening appearance.)

Want your Barbecued ribs to look mouth-watering? Half-cook the ribs, paint with wood stain and BBQ sauce.

Those french fries in a carton? Each one has been individually selected, from hundreds of fries, and secured to a styrofoam base inside the package so that they stand up straight and fan out nicely.

That hamburger that makes you want to run to your nearest fast-food outlet, is the product of a process that includes:
  • frying the hamburger for 20 seconds on each side
  • using red-hot skewers pressed against the meat to give it that "grilled" look
  • painting the hamburger with food colouring to give it that plump, brown, juicy appearance.
  • picking the best out of hundreds of hamburger buns (strategically gluing on extra sesame seeds if necessary)
  • lining the buns with cardboard so that they don't get soggy
  • snipping and spreading the burger from behind so that it looks bigger in the bun
  • selecting only the most perfect condiments and securing them in place with toothpicks
  • securing the top of the bun to the hamburger with toothpicks
  • The finishing touch to a hot food photo-shoot? Artificial 'steam' placed behind the food to give it that 'fresh from the oven' appearance.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Look at me...I'm 3! {Fort Worth Family Photographers}

children's portrait at Fort Worth Botanical gardens poses examples ideas
Miss L had her 3rd birthday last week so it was time to capture her in pictures around that big girl milestone. I put her in these rainboots for walks in puddles (of which we found none...) and poor little thing could hardly walk in them but she was a great sport about it...she'd take a step and go all wonky then keep on going!

I do keep a collection of accessories and props for children's portraits and little girls love to use them!

We did quite a few pictures with a hat on and she looked so cute in the hat! A few weeks before her session this little girl had done a little experimenting with her bangs (much to Mom's chagrin!) so we thought we might need the hat. But they really looked okay, could have been worse! I remember the things my sister did to poor Barbie's hair as a child...shudder! In the long run, it makes this child's portraits even more special. Her parents can show her these picture memories when she's older, and oooooh, think of the fun they can have teasing her with her self styled hairdo around the boyfriends!
Life happens so fast, you blink and your baby girl is grown.

She's a beautiful little girl and it was a beautiful day for pictures at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens....what more could a photographer ask for? ;)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scottie Saturday

I do believe I am actually a "doggie doorman" more than anything else...with 4 dogs I guess that's to be expected. I was just up letting them out and my youngest dog is Brody...he cracks me up. Here's the routine...puts his front paws up on my computer chair and gives me a hopeful look...wants to go outside...check! Then we head to the back door via the kitchen...he passes 4 dog bowls and "hits and runs" each one. He literally runs by each one and must grab a bite and scatters food along the way. Oh, and let's not forget the spinning! He spins once we get into the kitchen area...almost to that back door, yippee! He makes me dizzy sometimes with all the crazy spinning. And one day he spun himself right into the bookcase...I admit it, I laughed a bit ; )

Now Max, the 8 year old is the world's laziest dog...seriously. I have to MAKE him go outside, he will sleep 20 hours a day and try to skulk off to the dog bed in the living room when I order a potty break for the group! His brother Marty has to sing and howl (the ole' Scottie arrroooo...), that's how he shows he's excited about the novelty! how exciting!, wow, we're going outside! (Like he hasn't been outside for days and days...) and he'll do this even if he just went outside 5 minutes ago.

And then there's Miss Duffy...the reigning queen and alpha dog. She will sometimes "deign" to go outside with the boys but really, why must I when the front yard is so much better and those pesky boys aren't allowed out in the front with me??? I really believe she lords it over them that she gets to go out front and they don't...nanner nanner nah! I never knew a dog could stick their tongues out and put their fingers in their ears like that ha ha!

While they do make life messier...I couldn't be without them. When I'm working on the computer too long Brody will come up and put his front paws up and whine at doggie speak that means "Mama, I want to go snuggle on the couch with you. Enough work for today!" That little guy just melts my heart! They each have their own things they do that they know gets you...Duffy will come up and bump your leg with her head as if to say, "enough me!" She looks up at you with her eyes gone blue with cataracts and can't hear too much but she still knows love and knows how to give and get it. She's 12 this year and we're preparing ourselves that she is in the twilight years of her life. And Max and Marty who have been together their whole life must sleep "butt to butt"...I'm thinking Marty might not be so much into that but Max just keeps following him. Marty, who's the most "show" quality of the 4 and a big tough guy is the one who will be the scardy cat during a thunderstorm and want to sleep with you even while trying to not let on he's scared.

Oh well, they certainly keep life interesting....and yes, I need a life if this is what I'm finding to blog about on a Saturday afternoon!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Things...

Do I sound like I'm "channeling" Martha Stewart??? Well, I just had to share a great find! A little cafe in North Richland Hills with the best tamales to be found, seriously! I met Michelle and her husband George recently at a friend's home and she brought a variety of tamales with her. What a smart marketer she is, just takes them around and lets you sample're hooked! Maybe I could learn something from her...So last night my husband and I went to her shop and got 1/2 dozen pork and 1/2 dozen chicken. They are very moist and a tiny bit on the hot side (which I prefer) so call ahead if you want them to special make some on the less hot side and they also have specialty tamales. I want to try the cheese and jalapeno tamales, they sound delish. They also have sweet tamales which my husband says are great but I haven't had one yet.

The next thing I discovered today was wow! There is a company that is releasing in 4th Quarter 2008 a gas pump for home use...using sugar ethanol. It is $10,000 but there is a tax rebate making it $7,000. It is basically a home distiller and then you pull the nozzle to your car and fill up! Wow, I dream of the day we are greener (sugar ethanol is more efficient than using the corn) and I'd love to give Opec a "see ya!". The fuel using this system is less than $1/gallon. Here's the website if you'd like to check it out here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car forever after.
~Peter De Vries

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beauty and the Beach {Fort Worth baby photography}

Fort Worth Texas baby photography picture of babies in swimsuits on beach
I just thought that was funny for a photography blog title. I swear, I crack me up! ; -)

This is a picture of my little stinker Gigi and her cousin "K"...we were just playing the other day and I was selling this backdrop so wanted to use it one last time. I change out props and backgrounds often to keep my portraits creative and fresh.
Gigi did not like how the sand felt on her body at all, but don't you love her purple swimsuit? K was quite happy doing anything with the sand, mostly eating it. I bet her diaper had sand in it later! Wish we had all been at a real beach but for now, this will do!

A few more from last weekend's session {Keller family photographers}

family pictures examples poses on location in Keller Texas
best Keller Texas childrens pictures examples poses portraits on location

Okay, my fingers are rested up so am finishing my part 2 post from last weekend's portrait session.

Love this picture of the 3 sisters, the baby was soooo cute! This is an adorable age.Her two older sisters were the cutest little blondes as well. Mom had some gorgeous dresses from Easter that they wore for their photo session....loved them! Girls are so much fun to dress up and I remember my childhood, my mom dressed my sister and I alike too.

Next up is little Miss P, she's a "frequent flyer" with me! We do her and her brother's portraits at least 4 times a year - Mom said as her family photographer I am like her drug dealer...her drug of choice being portraits! We do a lot of this family's pictures on location at their beautiful Keller home and I do admit to feeling like a member of the family, I've been to the kids' birthday parties etc. As most of you know, I simply adore black and white photos so while I have this particular image in color, I really like how it looks in black and white.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Meet the "K" Family

Earlier last week I got to meet and work with the K family, they are the nicest people, very easy and fun session. They are "new" Texans but have already survived one summer here so I think they'll be fine. They were referred to me by one of my longtime customers and to her I say thanks! I always appreciate the referrals and it lets me know I'm doing my job right.

I love this shot (and so do they)...very pretty day and the Botanic Gardens are always a gorgeous venue to shoot in. It was a bit of a vacation for me working with older kids, and I enjoy the older kids personalities and sense of humor. Sometimes the little ones don't get my jokes....

Thanks K family....I hope you enjoyed your session as much as I enjoyed photographing you!

Busy weekend

I had quite a few sessions this weekend so be prepared, lots of blogging coming! I photographed quite a few families from Keller and Southlake in a photography lallopalooza, one right after the other. One of my great customers had several friends come over to her neighborhood and we had a good time!

One of the families had the most precious little 2 year old, who wouldn't look at me, total diss! 2 year olds have a mind of their own, especially girls! I'm sure mom was quite impressed with my "way with kids" ha ha. But we got several great images anyway. Here's one with all three girls, mom was smart and spaced them out so she had built in babysitters!

Another family (not sure what order the images will be in), the older sister, when asked what her favorite subject at school was, replied (rightfully so!)...recess! I heard through the grapevine though that she and her little sister are quite smart and do great at school! Her little sister was funny and kept me laughing throughout, you know the youngest are usually the funny ones (said by a last born)

Next we have the cousins...two families, one a regular and one I just met. Miss H (blond) has done several sessions with me and I'm thinking I need to hire her to be my assistant. She was so helpful with the other kids, knew just where I wanted them and what I was going for! Her cousin Miss C (dark hair) has to be one of the happiest people I have ever met! She is all smiles and just a sweet, sweet girl. I got so many awesome images of her with her brother (the little blond guy) it was hard to edit down! And Mr. L (bigger blond)...he asked right off the bat if I brought my toot machine (my secret weapon for smiles)...and of course I did. Bathroom humour is never out of style for guys, trust me!

The P family has R and C, R is interested in trying some modelling and I think she would definitely be good at it. Cute in real life and photogenic as well, (that doesn't always go hand in hand), she has the most gorgeous God given highlights and a skin tone/complexion I would love to have! Her brother was cooperative and a real cutie too but was more interested in going fishing in the nearby pond than being a model, who could blame him??

I think I'll post the next batch in a new blog fingers are tired! Stay tuned....

Grace, A Gift From God

I was so in love with this family and their beloved dog. They were in town visiting relatives and booked a photography session while they were here. These images of Grace just melted my heart. A little back story (grab a tissue)...Grace had belonged to a woman in Nebraska and she was pretty much kept crated all day, every day. Her new owner Barbie heard about her from her sister, who knew about Grace's situation and the rescue society there talked the owner into giving her up to a new family who would be able to spend time with her. So Barbie and Mark rescued her and at first she didn't even know how to play she was so used to being crated. Barbie fell in love with her, this was her new best friend. A few months after getting her, Barbie found out she has Chronic Leukemia and I think that's where Grace comes in...Grace went totally blind not long after Barbie's diagnosis. I truly believe God sent Grace to her new family because they needed her, Barbie needed something to love and take care of so as not to dwell on her illness. A true love story of the best kind. Both are doing well, and except for a few bumps in new, unfamiliar surroundings Grace gets around great. I can tell you, she can hear a Frito bag from another room!