Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A blogging we will go....

Fort Worth baby photography studio's photo of cute baby in Colleyville
Fort Worth baby photographers pictures of babies
As usual, I'm the last on the bandwagon but I think with the help of my good friend Ann, I have nailed this blogging thing! She's a patient woman that's all I can say while I try to wrap this old brain around a new thing!

So, I have posted a bunch of photos and a bit of background information about each portrait session today and will try to add to my new photography blog every day...let me know what you think, post some comments! I will still be sending out the studio newsletter, but specials, holiday cards, announcements etc. will be posted here first!

What kind of a grandma would I be if I didn't post some pictures of my grandbaby (Gigi is the nickname I gave her)...so here's Gigi! She's cracking me up this week...we had a playdate Wednesday and I used hair wax and gave her a "faux hawk"...mom was sure surprised when she picked her up.

And Gigi has 4 bottom teeth but on the uppers, her eyeteeth are coming in before the front ones...I dubbed her Countess Chocula like the cereal! I must get a picture of that, (the only way to hold on to these precious baby memories is with photos), before the fronts come in, its a hoot! She's a serious girl with a wide open mouth when she does smile. She takes after her daddy that way...he was a serious but happy baby, always checking out the world around him.

How cute are they????

Okay this brother and sister were SO easy and fun to work with during their Fort Worth photography session. Miss P and Mr. D we'll call them....she had a great time playing in the petti (the "must have" for kids pictures this year...) and really worked the camera for me! Mr. D was a much older man of 6 so he was oh so cool and serious but the "tickle monster" got him in the end! Well, that and the promise of lollipops when we were finished with their portraits! They were both adorable and we had a really good photo shoot!

A Recent Favorite Session {Keller Children's Photography}

Okay, I'm sure you've seen these two from Keller featured on my website...mom loves to have her kids portraits done and we go play quite often! This is at a cool new spot I found - I love old buildings and am in my "urban grunge" phase right now..I think it's great to have variety, pretty parks with beautiful trees right along side old bricks and interesting architectural details! Variety is the spice of life and makes for some wonderful memories in your children's portraits. Anyway, P and P were in perfect photographic mode this particular day and Miss P even modeled my new rainboots and umbrella that are to die for cute!

Make sure you let me what types of things you're looking for in your family and children's portraits. I do have some accessories that we can work into your photography session, and just like we did with this Keller family's portraits, we can think of some fun stuff for you too!

He had me at "hello"...

How can you resist a face like this? (image from last Christmas) This is Brody, our almost 1 year old Scottie that we got from North Texas Scottie Rescue last fall. He is the youngest of 4 Scotties (I know, I know)...we also have Duffy, our 11 year old female who rules the roost, Marty 7 and Max 7 are brothers and also from NTSR. I have long been a Scottie lover - I'm not sure why because they could care less about pleasing you, won't do a darn thing you want them to unless they just feel like it...but they are feisty and loyal and such loving little characters. I'm ashamed to admit that I've become of of "those people" who dress up their dogs and throw them parties. This is what happens when your kids grow up and leave the nest!