Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brother Love {Southlake childrens photography}

Well, maybe brother cooties...big sis here isn't too sure of having to kiss her little brother. But turnabout was fair play so he got to do it right back to her. Siblings are so funny...don't want to sit too close, or have to touch each other or sometimes breathe the same air. Brings back memories for sure! These two are really close and love each other but it was a hot day and I can't blame them for not wanting to be too touchy/feely.

They came in all the way from New Jersey to see me. Okay, well they were in town seeing family and did a session with me while they were here. But saying it the first way sounded better didn't it? This is one of my long time customers and they moved about three years ago but we still fit a session in every August when the weather is just so beautiful and pleasant ha ha!