Monday, August 4, 2008

My Brother and I

Met this cute pair last Friday for the first time. They are 2 and 4 and very cute kids to boot! Very typical for that age, when asked to "blow" in his sister's ear, he instead gave her a little raspberry! Gotta love little brothers! And of course, they did not want to sit "too" close to each other on the bench. This brought back so many memories of my childhood and how my brother thought his two little sisters had cooties! I love photographing kids because you never know what you're going to get and that keeps things interesting! All in all, we had nice weather and the rain didn't stop us because it was so dry that it got soaked up immediately. It actually helped cool us off! Mom dressed her two just perfectly which was great!

Hot Day, Sizzling Session!

Southlake Texas photography pictures of family in their pool at their homeIt was another hot day in Texas! I have had several photography sessions lately at my clients homes, showing their families having a good time in their pools...I love it! It really captures some natural, fun moments and this particular family here is originally from the Northeast part of the U.S. and are choosing photos of the family in their for their Christmas cards. That will be a fun surprise for friends back home to get on a cold winter day!

It's never too hot to take your family pictures if you are willing to be a bit creative.

Just got this nice note from Mom:


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!! them! So many to choose! Also, obviously I will want to use some of these awesome photos for Xmas cards. Should we do that now or wait? Also, I many images can I choose and the card will still look good? You are so talented girl! S.F.