Friday, August 29, 2008

Doing Hard Time

Well, say hello to the terrible two's! Miss Gigi aka Miss Demeanor/Misdemeanor is doing hard time in room 53 at daycare because she bit someone two times last week! Sadly she is a repeat offender...she bit someone today and Mom and Dad are NOT happy. Anyone got any great ideas on how to break this bad habit - email me! So, here is her mug shot. She did get bit herself so maybe this was just tough playground payback time...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brother Love {Southlake childrens photography}

Well, maybe brother cooties...big sis here isn't too sure of having to kiss her little brother. But turnabout was fair play so he got to do it right back to her. Siblings are so funny...don't want to sit too close, or have to touch each other or sometimes breathe the same air. Brings back memories for sure! These two are really close and love each other but it was a hot day and I can't blame them for not wanting to be too touchy/feely.

They came in all the way from New Jersey to see me. Okay, well they were in town seeing family and did a session with me while they were here. But saying it the first way sounded better didn't it? This is one of my long time customers and they moved about three years ago but we still fit a session in every August when the weather is just so beautiful and pleasant ha ha!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweet Babe in Arms {Keller newborn Photographers}

newborn baby photos in Fort Worth examples posing ideas
This is my cousin's daughter and her new grandson. He is my youngest newborn yet, I believe 6 days old when we did the session. He was such a cooperative little one and slept most of the time enabling me to get this sweet capture and several others. Mom is a smart girl, her older child is 9.5 so she's got a ready made babysitter. I got some really beautiful images of her kissing her new baby brother which is sometimes a difficult shot to get when the older sib is only 2 or 3.

Delicious Baby Alert {Fort Worth and Dallas Baby Photography}

Fort Worth baby picture of pretty birthday baby

Truly, this little girl is so delish I could eat her up with a spoon. And she's so good natured too! Don't you love her expression in the picture? Mom bought her this red petti and hat and I just think it looks so adorable on her! She just turned one so wetoo some pictures of her in a cute, cute little tank with a birthday cupcake on it and shorts, this red petti and hat and a little blue outfit. I will say she is one styling baby girl and she now has the baby pictures to prove it! Baby photography is a gift that parents give themselves AND their children. There isn't much thats more special than handing down beautiful baby pictures to your children so they can see themselves as you saw them when they were tiny and they can then share them with their children. Baby pictures reveal family resemblances and bring back wonderful memories of those sweet baby years.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweet Brother and Big Sister

I photographed this little 18 month old with his big sister last week and he was fast! But a great smiler and very sweet little boy. I enjoyed watching the two of them, they were very sweet together...just enough age difference between them so that she was his "little mother" or at least I didn't get any "little brothers - yuck" vibe from her. We lucked out that it was before the rain and not as hot as it had been, so a great day for a session. How great is my job that I get to go play with kids, and take photographs, for a living!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tiger Woods better worry! {DFW Childrens Photography}

Fort Worth baby photography of professional golfer's baby on golf course with golf clubs
This little one has a daddy that plans to give Tiger Woods a run for the money! Daddy was a pro golfer a few years back and plans for his little girl to get a golf scholarship when she's a bit bigger. I had a blast driving the golf course over at Iron Horse - they were awesome to let us do this on the first hole! And I so didn't know what I was doing in that cart. I got so many cute ones of her "golfing" will be hard to narrow down Mom!

August Profile - Cari

I have so many great customers that I thought from time to time I would interview them and get to know them a little better. Some own businesses of their own and I will include that in their spotlight of course.

My first customer being spotlighted is Cari and she has been with me for three years. I have had the privilege of photographing both of her beautiful children since they were born and I love that I have gotten to watch them grow. On a personal note here...Cari was so great when I was spending time at the hospital with my husband. I had spent a night there and also would be spending the following evening there. She brought me toothpaste, blanket, socks, pillow and all the personal necessities I didn't have with me. That was such a kind gesture in a difficult time and I really was so moved by that! Just wanted to let you know what a thoughtful person she is too!

So, without further Cari!

First name & city: Cari North Richland Hills

How many children, first names and ages: 2, Lauren (3) and Grant (1)

Favorite places to go with your children in the summer months: Zoo, Pool, Bike Rides

What was the last book you read to your children? Children’s Bible

What’s on your nightstand? Bible, baby monitor and alarm clock

What are your favorite websites or blogs to visit? Craig's List

What are your 3 favorite local restaurants: Italianni’s, Chili’s and Panara Bread

What is your favorite Salon: Moutons

Who's the one person you'd like to meet (alive or dead): Jesus and my Mom

Do you have any secret "guilty" pleasures (like reality tv shows for instance?): choc chip cookies

Why made you choose to go with a custom photographer instead of a chain type photographer? (I had to ask!):
Much more laid back and not rushed. I love not being limited to 5 or 10 pictures within a 15 minute window. You know that my kids don’t even warm up until the end of a session.

Blessed Baby

I love when I get to share in a couple's blessed event...and what's better than a new baby? This couple is attractive, so in love and excited to meet their little one...what more could you ask for? The only downside to doing maternity sessions is when the mom shows up with a tummy smaller than mine! The mom-to-be here used to work with my husband so I was very happy to meet her as he used to speak so highly of her and it was great to reminisce about him among other things we talked about!

Enjoy your sneak peek here!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mr. Cutie Pie

Love, love, love 6 month olds! They are usually so happy at this age and this little guy came in smiling and never let up! I got to photograph his big sister (the shoeaholic I posted about) and now I got to meet him. He was truly precious and just so agreeable. He only peed on the backdrop once but hey, what's a guy to do when you take all his clothes off for cute bootie pictures? That air is awfully cold you know...

So mom, here's your sneak peek which was awfully long in coming I know!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Let's Go Fishing!

One of my baby planners....its his last session on the plan, can't believe it's already that time. They do grow up fast! His mom and dad have also been great to refer lots of their friends, always appreciated!

Little Mr. E here loved being at the park and by the water. So we gave him a fishing pole and bait bucket and he was in to that immediately! He knew just what to do...he was casting and I do believe if he'd had a real minnow on there (and a hook!) he would have caught something! We lucked out that the weather wasn't too horrible for August in Texas, love this Keller park for the variety it offers. The little ones like it for all the different things there are to explore there.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Care Bear Where Are You?

Little Miss A here looooves her Care so obviously a girl even though I kept saying "he"...bad photographer! So we have quite a few with her favorite lovey in them. I however, did get this sweet image, she is thinking about something and has such a serious look on her face.

Mom warned me she was not a big smiler but in the end we got quite a lot with her smiling...if you want to know what got her I'll confess...she took her shoes off and I sniffed them and said she had stinky feet! She really cracked up over that (bathroom humor never goes out of style I guess)...of course I warned Mom that she would probably be doing that to everyone's feet now. Hey it works on my grandchild so figured it would work on her!

This is the sweet redheaded baby laying down on the black drop on my website in case you think she looks a little familiar, that's why! Keller

Friday, August 8, 2008

Holton's Drive for SIDS

Some of you may remember that last year one of my families lost their 5 month old son Holton to SIDS. They touched my heart, and so many others, with their story. There is a saying, after a loss, you can become bitter or better. They are letting their lives go on and be "better." I so admire them for how they have handled losing their son and how they have turned that loss into benefitting a great cause. And on a personal note, they have really reached out to me during my recent loss. I so appreciate and admire them.

They held a golf tournament benefitting research for SIDS and did a great job, so many people participated and were generous in their donations, it was a great success for them and will benefit so many people. I am adding the link here so you can check it out. If your heart is touched and you feel moved to participate or donate, please do will be most appreciated! I donated a gift card last year and am doing so again this year for the silent auction. Meanwhile, here are a few images of the one and only session I got to do with Holton before he passed. I feel so blessed to have been able to capture those precious moments in his too short life.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

They Deserve to be Remembered

I was browsing around the internet today and found this great site The American Widow Project, that was started as a support and resource for widows and widowers from the war in the Middle East. I have a project in my head and am in contact with them and will share later if it comes to fruition.

These men and women have served their country well and now their loved ones are left behind, struggling daily to make sense of their loss. If you would like to help, they have different areas you can contribute to and it's an interesting read. Pass it along if you know someone this could benefit.

I can tell you from personal experience, after the funeral is over, the calls slowly start slowing down, people go on with their own lives and you're starting to feel alone and realizing just how long forever is. I pray for all these families that have lost their loved ones serving their country. My husband was proud to serve in the Army for one tour back in 80-83.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Brother and I

Met this cute pair last Friday for the first time. They are 2 and 4 and very cute kids to boot! Very typical for that age, when asked to "blow" in his sister's ear, he instead gave her a little raspberry! Gotta love little brothers! And of course, they did not want to sit "too" close to each other on the bench. This brought back so many memories of my childhood and how my brother thought his two little sisters had cooties! I love photographing kids because you never know what you're going to get and that keeps things interesting! All in all, we had nice weather and the rain didn't stop us because it was so dry that it got soaked up immediately. It actually helped cool us off! Mom dressed her two just perfectly which was great!

Hot Day, Sizzling Session!

Southlake Texas photography pictures of family in their pool at their homeIt was another hot day in Texas! I have had several photography sessions lately at my clients homes, showing their families having a good time in their pools...I love it! It really captures some natural, fun moments and this particular family here is originally from the Northeast part of the U.S. and are choosing photos of the family in their for their Christmas cards. That will be a fun surprise for friends back home to get on a cold winter day!

It's never too hot to take your family pictures if you are willing to be a bit creative.

Just got this nice note from Mom:


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!! them! So many to choose! Also, obviously I will want to use some of these awesome photos for Xmas cards. Should we do that now or wait? Also, I many images can I choose and the card will still look good? You are so talented girl! S.F.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Look out Steven Spielberg!

I am so proud of my big brother...he has always been very artistic, drawing, painting and has done illustrations for several christian books by Calvin Miller. He has been able in the last few years to change his career from sales to video production at his longtime company. A dream come true for him and a lot of persistence and sweat went into it! He has now become part of a film company called Sandstone Films. Here is a link to what they just finished filming. He met with some producers the other day and they have told him and the rest of the owners that they expect their company to take off within the next year. Kuddos to my big bro!