Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What to Wear at your Photo Session - Newborns {Keller Baby Photographers}

Keller baby photographers picture of newborn baby held by mother on black background
baby photography of Keller Texas newborn in studio on black background
For newborn sessions, two key wardrobe questions significantly affect your resulting images. First, what will the baby wear? And second, what will we wear? That’s right, mom and dad . . . you’ll be in some of the photos as well, even if just as a “backdrop” to the star of the show.

Newborns are absolute perfection when they wear nothing at all! For variety and some fun pops of color, I also like to use the swaddling blankets you have at home--that also gives the baby pictures a personal touch.

There are few things as stunning as skin-on-skin shots of a newborn and the proud parents. Dad can be shirtless for some shots, as can Mom, or she could wear a strapless bra or tank top. Images for this type of shot are generally closely cropped. Also, long-sleeved black shirts for Mom and Dad provide a sophisticated, dramatic “backdrop.”