Monday, August 11, 2008

Care Bear Where Are You?

Little Miss A here looooves her Care so obviously a girl even though I kept saying "he"...bad photographer! So we have quite a few with her favorite lovey in them. I however, did get this sweet image, she is thinking about something and has such a serious look on her face.

Mom warned me she was not a big smiler but in the end we got quite a lot with her smiling...if you want to know what got her I'll confess...she took her shoes off and I sniffed them and said she had stinky feet! She really cracked up over that (bathroom humor never goes out of style I guess)...of course I warned Mom that she would probably be doing that to everyone's feet now. Hey it works on my grandchild so figured it would work on her!

This is the sweet redheaded baby laying down on the black drop on my website in case you think she looks a little familiar, that's why! Keller

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