Monday, August 25, 2008

Delicious Baby Alert {Fort Worth and Dallas Baby Photography}

Fort Worth baby picture of pretty birthday baby

Truly, this little girl is so delish I could eat her up with a spoon. And she's so good natured too! Don't you love her expression in the picture? Mom bought her this red petti and hat and I just think it looks so adorable on her! She just turned one so wetoo some pictures of her in a cute, cute little tank with a birthday cupcake on it and shorts, this red petti and hat and a little blue outfit. I will say she is one styling baby girl and she now has the baby pictures to prove it! Baby photography is a gift that parents give themselves AND their children. There isn't much thats more special than handing down beautiful baby pictures to your children so they can see themselves as you saw them when they were tiny and they can then share them with their children. Baby pictures reveal family resemblances and bring back wonderful memories of those sweet baby years.

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