Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August Profile - Cari

I have so many great customers that I thought from time to time I would interview them and get to know them a little better. Some own businesses of their own and I will include that in their spotlight of course.

My first customer being spotlighted is Cari and she has been with me for three years. I have had the privilege of photographing both of her beautiful children since they were born and I love that I have gotten to watch them grow. On a personal note here...Cari was so great when I was spending time at the hospital with my husband. I had spent a night there and also would be spending the following evening there. She brought me toothpaste, blanket, socks, pillow and all the personal necessities I didn't have with me. That was such a kind gesture in a difficult time and I really was so moved by that! Just wanted to let you know what a thoughtful person she is too!

So, without further ado....meet Cari!

First name & city: Cari North Richland Hills

How many children, first names and ages: 2, Lauren (3) and Grant (1)

Favorite places to go with your children in the summer months: Zoo, Pool, Bike Rides

What was the last book you read to your children? Children’s Bible

What’s on your nightstand? Bible, baby monitor and alarm clock

What are your favorite websites or blogs to visit? Craig's List

What are your 3 favorite local restaurants: Italianni’s, Chili’s and Panara Bread

What is your favorite Salon: Moutons

Who's the one person you'd like to meet (alive or dead): Jesus and my Mom

Do you have any secret "guilty" pleasures (like reality tv shows for instance?): choc chip cookies

Why made you choose to go with a custom photographer instead of a chain type photographer? (I had to ask!):
Much more laid back and not rushed. I love not being limited to 5 or 10 pictures within a 15 minute window. You know that my kids don’t even warm up until the end of a session.

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