Friday, August 8, 2008

Holton's Drive for SIDS

Some of you may remember that last year one of my families lost their 5 month old son Holton to SIDS. They touched my heart, and so many others, with their story. There is a saying, after a loss, you can become bitter or better. They are letting their lives go on and be "better." I so admire them for how they have handled losing their son and how they have turned that loss into benefitting a great cause. And on a personal note, they have really reached out to me during my recent loss. I so appreciate and admire them.

They held a golf tournament benefitting research for SIDS and did a great job, so many people participated and were generous in their donations, it was a great success for them and will benefit so many people. I am adding the link here so you can check it out. If your heart is touched and you feel moved to participate or donate, please do will be most appreciated! I donated a gift card last year and am doing so again this year for the silent auction. Meanwhile, here are a few images of the one and only session I got to do with Holton before he passed. I feel so blessed to have been able to capture those precious moments in his too short life.

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