Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Things...

Do I sound like I'm "channeling" Martha Stewart??? Well, I just had to share a great find! A little cafe in North Richland Hills with the best tamales to be found, seriously! I met Michelle and her husband George recently at a friend's home and she brought a variety of tamales with her. What a smart marketer she is, just takes them around and lets you sample're hooked! Maybe I could learn something from her...So last night my husband and I went to her shop and got 1/2 dozen pork and 1/2 dozen chicken. They are very moist and a tiny bit on the hot side (which I prefer) so call ahead if you want them to special make some on the less hot side and they also have specialty tamales. I want to try the cheese and jalapeno tamales, they sound delish. They also have sweet tamales which my husband says are great but I haven't had one yet.

The next thing I discovered today was wow! There is a company that is releasing in 4th Quarter 2008 a gas pump for home use...using sugar ethanol. It is $10,000 but there is a tax rebate making it $7,000. It is basically a home distiller and then you pull the nozzle to your car and fill up! Wow, I dream of the day we are greener (sugar ethanol is more efficient than using the corn) and I'd love to give Opec a "see ya!". The fuel using this system is less than $1/gallon. Here's the website if you'd like to check it out here.

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