Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scottie Saturday

I do believe I am actually a "doggie doorman" more than anything else...with 4 dogs I guess that's to be expected. I was just up letting them out and my youngest dog is Brody...he cracks me up. Here's the routine...puts his front paws up on my computer chair and gives me a hopeful look...wants to go outside...check! Then we head to the back door via the kitchen...he passes 4 dog bowls and "hits and runs" each one. He literally runs by each one and must grab a bite and scatters food along the way. Oh, and let's not forget the spinning! He spins once we get into the kitchen area...almost to that back door, yippee! He makes me dizzy sometimes with all the crazy spinning. And one day he spun himself right into the bookcase...I admit it, I laughed a bit ; )

Now Max, the 8 year old is the world's laziest dog...seriously. I have to MAKE him go outside, he will sleep 20 hours a day and try to skulk off to the dog bed in the living room when I order a potty break for the group! His brother Marty has to sing and howl (the ole' Scottie arrroooo...), that's how he shows he's excited about the novelty! how exciting!, wow, we're going outside! (Like he hasn't been outside for days and days...) and he'll do this even if he just went outside 5 minutes ago.

And then there's Miss Duffy...the reigning queen and alpha dog. She will sometimes "deign" to go outside with the boys but really, why must I when the front yard is so much better and those pesky boys aren't allowed out in the front with me??? I really believe she lords it over them that she gets to go out front and they don't...nanner nanner nah! I never knew a dog could stick their tongues out and put their fingers in their ears like that ha ha!

While they do make life messier...I couldn't be without them. When I'm working on the computer too long Brody will come up and put his front paws up and whine at doggie speak that means "Mama, I want to go snuggle on the couch with you. Enough work for today!" That little guy just melts my heart! They each have their own things they do that they know gets you...Duffy will come up and bump your leg with her head as if to say, "enough me!" She looks up at you with her eyes gone blue with cataracts and can't hear too much but she still knows love and knows how to give and get it. She's 12 this year and we're preparing ourselves that she is in the twilight years of her life. And Max and Marty who have been together their whole life must sleep "butt to butt"...I'm thinking Marty might not be so much into that but Max just keeps following him. Marty, who's the most "show" quality of the 4 and a big tough guy is the one who will be the scardy cat during a thunderstorm and want to sleep with you even while trying to not let on he's scared.

Oh well, they certainly keep life interesting....and yes, I need a life if this is what I'm finding to blog about on a Saturday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

I LOVED hearing about each of your 4 Scotties and their own little unique personalities and how dear they are to you !! Your description of them is so vivid that I laughed just in the reading!! Adorable pictures of your "clan" as well !!!

Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

Your blog is always entertaining. Thanks for the laughs.