Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meet the "M" Family!

picture examples poses of two year old child from Frisco Texas
photo examples poses of baby and two year old children outdoors
This Frisco Texas family won my donated photography gift card from 2007 Holton's Drive for SIDS (see story below)...I'm so glad I finally got to meet and work with them, they were so sweet and drove in from Frisco for their portrait session. Mom's parents came in from Oklahoma for a visit so they came along and were great at helping to get the little ones smiling for the camera (and granddad brought his video camera...I asked him to please not get a shot of Miss Cathy's tush!...or at least Photoshop it smaller!)

These kids were just adorable and so very easy to photograph. You wouldn't have know big sis was in her two's because she was so cooperative - maybe she didn't get the memo on how two years olds normally act?

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