Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Girl Road Trip

Let me tell you a bit about Amy...we met 4 years ago when I was booked for a newborn session at her home. It could have gone a bit easier...she later told her mom (I found out) "well, that was a waste of money!" But when I posted her images...she was blown away she said and turned in to one of my very best customers ever! Over the years she is now my friend first, customer second. So besides this being a job, a calling for has brought me some wonderful people who I am proud to call friends. Amy was by my side when my husband was ill and passed and just a rock for me. Okay, so there's the back story.

Amy was "Jonesing" as she calls it for a photo session...Miss P, her 4 year old, had a beautiful new dress to be photographed in. So I suggested Mineral Wells' Baker Hotel. I fell in love with it last year when I photographed it...gorgeous old hotel that is sadly, falling into disrepair and I fear will not be around for many more years. So off we go on Saturday at 8:30. We did the session (and met a few scary homeless people around the hotel..yikes!), and even hit a great pumpkin stand in Weatherford...a really fun, relaxing road trip. I'm thinking about hitting the road this weekend to check out some spots out Decatur way so you never know what I'll find!

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amyclapp said...

We had a great time. Thanks for the awesome pictures.