Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A blogging we will go....

Fort Worth baby photography studio's photo of cute baby in Colleyville
Fort Worth baby photographers pictures of babies
As usual, I'm the last on the bandwagon but I think with the help of my good friend Ann, I have nailed this blogging thing! She's a patient woman that's all I can say while I try to wrap this old brain around a new thing!

So, I have posted a bunch of photos and a bit of background information about each portrait session today and will try to add to my new photography blog every day...let me know what you think, post some comments! I will still be sending out the studio newsletter, but specials, holiday cards, announcements etc. will be posted here first!

What kind of a grandma would I be if I didn't post some pictures of my grandbaby (Gigi is the nickname I gave her)...so here's Gigi! She's cracking me up this week...we had a playdate Wednesday and I used hair wax and gave her a "faux hawk"...mom was sure surprised when she picked her up.

And Gigi has 4 bottom teeth but on the uppers, her eyeteeth are coming in before the front ones...I dubbed her Countess Chocula like the cereal! I must get a picture of that, (the only way to hold on to these precious baby memories is with photos), before the fronts come in, its a hoot! She's a serious girl with a wide open mouth when she does smile. She takes after her daddy that way...he was a serious but happy baby, always checking out the world around him.

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Jennifer said...

Cathy, welcome to the world of blogging. I started mine in Feb so you are not too far behind!