Tuesday, July 31, 2007

He had me at "hello"...

How can you resist a face like this? (image from last Christmas) This is Brody, our almost 1 year old Scottie that we got from North Texas Scottie Rescue last fall. He is the youngest of 4 Scotties (I know, I know)...we also have Duffy, our 11 year old female who rules the roost, Marty 7 and Max 7 are brothers and also from NTSR. I have long been a Scottie lover - I'm not sure why because they could care less about pleasing you, won't do a darn thing you want them to unless they just feel like it...but they are feisty and loyal and such loving little characters. I'm ashamed to admit that I've become of of "those people" who dress up their dogs and throw them parties. This is what happens when your kids grow up and leave the nest!

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