Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Little Christmas Cheer {DFW Childrens Photography}

Well, since my husband's death this year, as you can probably imagine...I am not feeling it this holiday season for myself. I haven't decorated, wrapped gifts, sent out cards or done any baking. I kind of just want it to come and go quickly. Well, my son asked me to not let Christmas die. That touched my heart a lot. Tonite was my grandchild's daycare Christmas program and the entire extended family was there for her big "broadway" debut. She kept telling us she wasn't going to do it (2 year olds...) but I asked her over french fries at McDonald's if she would do it for Pops, my husband. Now who knows if she even understood what I was saying but she agreed to do it and ...please GaGa, give me more fries haha.

I am so glad I went...I have never seen anything cuter in my life! They started with the little one year old class all dressed up as sheep and cows and other cute animals and they were adorable. I have taken photos of some of the classes other than Gigi's to share. Gigi's class wore little Christmas tree shirts and sang Away in a Manger and Rock Around the Christmas Tree. Gigi spotted me up front taking the photos and started saying "Grandma!". There were just some adorable little stars tonite I tell you. The last class of 5 year olds were so funny I took almost as many photos of them as I did my own grandkid. The little boy playing Joseph...I think we have a budding comedian in our midst. He would turn the wrong way during the number and throw up his arms or make a funny expression...a bit of Chris Farley in him I think. And the two little cowboys on one end decided they would fight over the mic even though there were no solos during that number...they just took a little bit of that spotlight for themselves anyway.

So for all you fellow Grinches out there...enjoy the photos and feel the joy come into your heart like it did mine!

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