Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover - Update

Well, its finally done! They did the "Move that Bus!" on Monday and my sister and I were in with the family at the front so we got a great view of everything going on. I won't give any details away but you can see "official" photos in the link I gave in the earlier post. My sister is a HUGE Ty Pennington fan (btw...I'm the "pro" photographer but she took all these photos with her point and shoot ha ha). She is in the leopard coat posing with the assistant director (he told us what to do and when and was really funny), me trying to thaw out for a minute in the Texas Ranger's Tent in the fur/denim jacket, and the design team in front of the house waiting for the bus and of course, Ty. Paul, the older designer on the show is a real doll! He took two of the little kids out of the friends box and took them in the house to use the restroom...how sweet! The photos as follows are: me in tent trying to defrost after the 1st hour, my sister with the assistant director she's now in "love" with ha ha, the designers in front of the home and finally, Ty getting ready for the limo to arrive.

Let me just say...if I didn't love Peter and Amber SO much I would not have been there...for 4 hours..in 14 degree weather. My feet might have been hurting, but luckily they were so frozen I couldn't feel them anyway. I am still trying to warm up. But the big payoff for me was seeing the family arrive and see their new home...we were all in tears. I can't wait to see the episode when it airs and will keep you all updated on when that is!

My sister and I went to the "event" (not sure if I'm supposed to say what it was yet...) on Sunday evening and I did get to give Amber and Peter big hugs and talk to them...they simply look dazed by it all. But huge Kudos to Amber...she is great in front of a camera!

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Anonymous said...

Were you cold Katarina?
you actually look pretty good in that photo.