Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Gerber Baby

Oh, this one is a doll! I adore 6 month olds anyway, they are just so cuddly and squeezable and their personalities are starting to come out...ummm! This is "E" who's on my bebe plan and I haven't seen her since her first session when she was a newborn. She was born with a headful of hair and still has it! She was the perfect baby today....we did several outfit changes, she had a full 45 minute session and never got cross, cranky, or upset. She smiled at me quite a few times so I feel sure editing out any will be a challenge for me! This shot is done with a white feather boa mom brought and she loved it...loved putting it in her mouth and making herself giggle. I think in this one she is showing her "diva" side...look at that saucy smile!

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