Sunday, December 9, 2007

Please, just go away!

I photographed little I here yesterday...we were hurrying to beat the cold weather that has now arrived, brrr! Grandma had hired me 5-6 years ago to photograph her other granddaughter. This is the same dress and bear, suitcase etc. we used then. But "I" here, she wasn't liking the bear so much being in her shots. I think she knew she was supposed to be the "star" of this shoot! She was very gentle but kept nudging him over and away from her! I had a really hard time editing her session because she gave great expressions in about 99% of them...very hard to throw any out! It's so easy to overshoot when you get a cutie like her who was enjoying it all. Well, except when we put her on textures she hadn't had before, like trees etc. New stuff to a 9 monther!

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