Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Keller family photography - See how they've grown! {Keller Children Photography}

I have had the pleasure of photographing these two Keller kids since they were a baby and a toddler...so hard to believe they are now 5 and 9! The little boy is not so little anymore...he's got braces and has lost all his baby faced features...Mom and I both got a little sad ruminating over that, he's such a young gentleman too and always has been great to photograph. Little Sis has hair to die for...she has got that gorgeous curly hair that the rest of us wish we had and drool over...but I hear from Mom its not too much fun to brush out. Ah well, beauty always has a price!

We were trying out a new photography location in a gorgeous neighborhood in Southlake. It had some cool features like this huge fallen tree perfect for posing, a nature made "teepee" of fallen branches and for fun, a great wood swing. Fall is a great time for some fresh looks of your children, memories you can hold in your hand, family pictures by Cathy Zaragoza Photography.

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