Friday, November 21, 2008

Beautiful Family on a Beautiful Fall Day

Mom did a perfect, perfect job coordinating outfits for her group and their family photo session in Keller. The clothing colors went really well together and with their coloring (beautiful redheads!) and the fall foliage. I couldn't have asked for a better wardrobe! I was thrilled to see the little redhead, middle child...he was a doll with huge eyes. His older brother informed me that he had big eyes too...he was so cute with his little braces on. The baby was just sweetnatured and went along with all the photography poses and ideas but when we did the family tickle fight was the only time she wasn't so sure about what was going on. I guess her family doesn't usually break out in tickle fights at home! So, as usual, I'm showing one in black and white but decided to grace y'all with a color image too...I do them, I just have a natural preference for black and white portraits...what can I say?

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